How To Fix BBC iPlayer error code 02062 On Roku?

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BBC iPlayer Error Code 02062 On Ruku

Does your Roku throw you the error code 02062 for BBC iPlayer? If yes then try our recommended troubleshoots to fix the BBC iPlayer error code 02062 On Roku.

During our research, we find that BBC iPlayer error code 02062 on Roku is mainly related to VPN, or the user has set up his/her account in a different region and is now using the account in a different region. And in some cases, the error can also be related to something else.

How To Fix BBC iPlayer error code 02062 On Roku?

Fix 1: You Are Using An VPN

Are you using a VPN on a Roku device? If the answer is yes then this may be the reason behind the error.

BBC iPlayer is only for UK users so if you are outside of the UK and using a VPN to access BBC then BBC iPlayer is able to detect your VPN and throw you the error. So our recommendation is to use a decent VPN that can bypass the BBC iPlayer security. Or you can also try switching VPN locations.

If you live in the UK and also not using a VPN but still having the error then go to your BBC iPlayer profile and check if your profile location is showing the UK address or not.

Fix 2: Try Other Workaround

  • If in your case the issue is not related to VPN then try restarting the Roku device, and then try using BBC iPlayer.
  • If even restarting the Roku doesn’t work then check the update for Roku and BBC iPlayer. If there are any pending updates available for Roku or BBC iPlayer then please consider installing the updates.

Fix 3: Contact Roku & BBC iPlayer

If the above information doesn’t help you with the error then you must get in contact with BBC iPlayer and Roku support to get better help. They can inspect if the issue is from their end, or if something else is wrong.

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