How To Fix Crunchyroll “Unauthorized Request” Error?

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In our research, we have found that this Crunchyroll “Unauthorized Request” error mainly occurs in three situations,

  1. Users are trying to start their free trial but immediately after tapping the “Start Free Trial” option this error occurs, or while authenticating the card for the free trial.
  2. Users want to subscribe to the Crunchyroll premium subscription but as they try to pay this error occurs.
  3. Users want to switch from their free trial to a monthly subscription but the error occurs during the payment.

As per our research, the error mainly occurs because of two main reasons.

  1. There is something wrong with your payment method.
  2. There are some temporary issues with the Crunchyroll or your device.

Below we have shared a few suggestions that may help you resolve this issue.

Crunchyroll "Unauthorized Request" Error

Fixes For Crunchyroll “Unauthorized Request” Error

Fix 1: Make Sure Your Account Has Enough Funds, And Retry

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your account has sufficient funds to subscribe to the Crunchyroll premium. And if your account has enough balance but the error is still coming then before trying anything else, retry completing payment at least 2 to 3 times. Sometimes some temporary glitches during the payment can lead to an unsuccessful transaction, resulting in this error.

Fix 2: Restart Your System And Try Another Payment Method

If an error still comes then restart your device, and if you are using a Wi-Fi connection then restart your router. After that try completing the Crunchyroll transaction or free trial by using any other card or any other payment method such as Payal.

Fix 3: Are You Using An Apple Device?

In case you are using the Crunchyroll from an Apple device and having this error even after multiple tries then you can try paying through Apple Pay.

Fix 4: Try A Different Device

To resolve the issue the next thing you can try is to use a different device. In case you are using the Crunchyroll app from your phone/tablet then try using a Crunchyroll website from your browser, but in case you are using the Crunchyroll website then try using the Crunchyroll app. 

Note: We will also recommend using different browsers to check if they help or not.

Crunchyroll Error Unauthorized Request

Fix 5: Contact Crunchyroll

If you still get the error then this is the best time to contact the Crunchyroll support team to report this mysterious error. To know the ways to contact Crunchyroll you can visit here.

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