How To Fix “Decompression Failed With Error Code 6”?

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If you are getting the following ‘Decompression failed with error code 6’ message, while trying to decompress files on your system. Then, chances are that the file or folder you are trying to decompress consists of some corrupted files preventing it from being unzipped or decompressed properly.

Decompression Failed With Error Code 6

We have tried to do some digging into the following Error Code 6. And, after having gone through a few online forums and threads out there, we have finally managed to shortlist some solutions which users facing the error had used themselves and found to have been helpful.

Decompression Failed With Error Code 6

Hence, if you have still not yet tried the solution we have shown below. Then, there is absolutely no harm in trying it out and check if that helps you with the following error.

How To Fix “Decompression failed with error code 6”?

Fix 1: Try Running as Administrator 

If you are sure that the files you have downloaded are not corrupted or incomplete in any way or so. Then, you can try running the program giving the error as an Administrator, by right-clicking on the app and selecting the Run as Administrator option. 

Or, try changing the directory of the executable file as shown in the next step below.

Decompression Failed With Error Code 6

Fix 2: Change installation directory

There may be times when trying to install a game or a program into a specific drive or folder might give rise to the following error. 

Hence, you can try changing the directory or destination where you want to install the program into a different drive or folder, and see if doing so helps with the following error. 

Decompression Failed With Error Code 6

Fix 3: Mount to an external flash drive

If changing the destination directory or drive does not do the trick for you. Then, you can also try copying or mounting the program or .iso file as mentioned by user @nrrd below, to a different USB drive or hard drive. And then, try installing the program to the drive you desire from there. 

Decompression Failed With Error Code 6

Apart from all the solutions mentioned above. You can also try the general troubleshooting solutions such as updating your decompressor or unzip app, updating your .NET framework, or updating your firmware, and so on.

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