How To Fix F1 TV App Error Code bm2001?

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  • Platform: F1 TV App
  • Error code: BM2001
  • Error says: Sorry there was an error, try again later
  • Occurs: Error comes while streaming any content
  • Effect of the error: Users can’t watch their desired title on the F1 TV app

In this article, we are going to talk about the error code BM2001 while watching anything from the F1 TV app.

As per our research, this error comes across all devices including phones, TVs, iPads, Apple TVs, etc but unfortunately during our research, we were unable to find any official information on this error as to why this error comes in the first place.

The good news is that we were able to find a few workarounds shared by different users on Reddit. You can find all those workarounds in the next section of the article.

Fixes For F1 TV App Error Code bm2001

Fix 1: Check For These Things

Before trying anything we recommend you to check for the following things.

  • Check if F1 TV App is up to date or not.
  • Make sure your internet is working without any issues, and it is also providing good speed.
  • Try quitting and relaunching the app to check if it helps or not.
  • Try watching any other things on the F1 TV App to check if the issue is related to any specific content or if the error is coming to all the contents.

Fix 2: Are You Watching In Any Other Language Than English?

Some users who were trying to watch in other languages than English have shared that if they change their language to English, the F1 TV app works, and switching to their default language returns the same error.

So if your default language is not English then from the same streaming screen try changing the language to English, or try changing your profile to English.

F1 TV App Error Code bm2001

Fix 3: Try Watching From The Start

If you are trying to watch any live watches then try watching from the start, wait for a few seconds, and then scroll to Live. A few users on Reddit shared that they were able to fix their problem with this trick, so you can also try the same.

F1 TV App Error Code bm2001

Fix 4: Reinstall The F1 TV App

The next thing you can try is to re-download the F1 TV App. First, you need to uninstall the F1 TV app and restart your device. Once your device restarts try reinstalling the app again to your device. Then check if it fixes your issue or not.

Fix 5: Try Watching On PC

If you are having the error with the F1 TV App and the error continues even after trying everything then try using the F1 TV website from your PC browser.

At this stage, it looks like F1 TV is having some issues with their app, but the F1 TV website may be working normally. So try using the F1 TV website from your browser to check if their website also shows the error or if it is working.

Fix 6: Check For Any Problem With the F1 TV System

If the error also comes with the F1 TV website then chances are that F1 TV is having some problem with their system. We will suggest you to visit the F1Help Twitter handle and go to the replies section to check if others are also reporting issues with the F1 TV App, if so then you should wait for some time and try again.

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