How To Fix Fortnite error code 22?

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Fortnite error code 22

Players are used to a fast-paced lifestyle and anything that slows down their gaming experience gets them really annoyed.

The issues in the game take up a lot of time to clear out if you do not know the cause of the issue and are roaming from one website to another to get a hang of what has happened.

This is the page that will get you all the answers to the issue in question. We will compile all the information on the error code in a condensed form so that you can get back to the game without much delay.

In this article, we will discuss the Fortnite error code 22. This issue is encountered when you tried to launch the game and it refuses. You will see a prompt that reads, “Game Client encountered an application error”

We will try to understand what causes this error code and what other players have applied to get rid of the error code.

The official support website also provides some suggested solutions. We will also discuss them below.

How can you solve the error code 22 on Fortnite?

The error code 22 on Fortnite as we have mentioned above is a start-up error. This means that whenever you try to launch the game, it will fail to launch and show you the error code 22 instead.

There can be problems that could range from the internet connection to game file integrity and we will discuss them all with their solutions in this section.

Fix 1: Make sure that your device is compatible with the game

The game in question is heavy software and has some minimum requirements for running on any device.

If you are launching the game on the device for the first time, check the minimum requirements of the game and then match it to the device that you are launching it on. Change the device if you find that the one you are currently using is not compatible.

Fix 2: Check your internet connection

The internet connection is important for a constant connection to the server. The server compliments the features in the game by connecting a local game to the online features.

If your internet connection is weak or slow, you will not be able to play the game in peace. 

It can cause many error codes.

To make sure that the internet connection is the actual problem, check the internet speed through any free internet speed meter online.

Change your internet plan if you feel that the current one is not sufficient for a stable gaming experience.

Fix 3: Check the integrity of the game files

When you are downloading a game on the local storage on your device, it is possible that some files are not downloaded in the correct format during installation.

This can cause the game files to get corrupt or in some cases, important files might be missing entirely.

Check if the game files have retained their integrity by going into the Steam library and checking the integrity of the game files.

Now you can choose to repair the files or take the easy route. To take the easy route, simply uninstall the game and then reinstall a fresh copy.

Fix 4: Give the game Administrator permissions

Since the game is heavy and needs to control many features on the device, it is possible that the game is not launching due to the lack of administrator privileges.

In this case, you can go into the settings and click on Run as administrator. 

You can do this if you trust the game. Do not do this with random software on your device as it can make your device vulnerable to many malicious attacks.

Fix 5: Remove the game from the antivirus blacklist

The anti-virus software in your device could be responsible for blocking the launch of the game.

To make sure that this does not happen, you can open the anti-virus settings and add the game to the list of exceptions on the anti-virus list.

This step will ensure that the anti-virus software does not block the game.

Fix 6: Contact the game support team

There are certain issues that you might not be able to figure out on your own when it comes to Fortnite.

In these cases, you should turn to the player support forums or the official game support team. Usually, they have a better idea of what you are missing and you can find an unconventional solution to the issue.

To conclude

The error code 22 on Fortnite does not allow you to launch the game at all. This is a problem that is very annoying as you will not be able to look into the game settings or troubleshooting options when you cannot get into the game.

We have mentioned a list of solutions for what you should do if you ever find yourself in this position.

Hopefully, this article helped you solve the issue on your device and stable gameplay was restored. Keep following for more gaming advice.

Happy Gaming!!

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