How To Fix Fortnite Error connect_timeout.201?

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Last Updated on November 5, 2022
Player.Party Connect_Timeout 201

Lots of Fortnite players are getting the error code “ connect_timeout.201”.

During our research, we found that this error is occurring after the epic game disabled the new Playground limited-time mode.

Playground limited time mode was introduced in the recent 4.5 update but it just stays for a few hours and then Epic Games disabled it, resulting in the error connect_timeout.201.

How To Fix Fortnite Error connect_timeout.201?

Fix 1: Wait Till The Issue Get Resolved From The Developer’s End

As I mentioned above that this error is fall to epics game as they have disabled the Playground mode for repairs while Epic Games investigate some issues with its matchmaking services.

We know this is really bad but there is nothing in the player’s hand.

So if you are having this error then you have to wait till the error gets resolved by the developers.

To get the update on this error you can visit the Epic game’s service status page.

Fix 2: Use A VPN

Some users in a Reddit thread have mentioned that they were able to bypass the error by using a VPN.

We can’t confirm whether this fix will work or not but we will recommend trying this fix as this might work for you too.

You just need to enable a VPN and after that relaunch the game.

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