How To fix Foxtel Error Code pe8000?

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Foxtel Error Code pe8000

If you are a Foxtel user and have been seeing the following Foxtel Error Code pe8000 flashing in front of you. Then, chances are that the error is being caused as a result of an issue with your player. 

There can be other causes as well, such as a server outage, or an issue with your browser cache, or an outdated browser, that might be responsible for the following error to occur. 

However, be it for any reason. The following solutions which have been described in the article below, pretty much covers up all such reasons and can be used to solve the issue, pretty much by yourself and without any much difficulty. 

And thus, without any further ado. Let us have a look at all the possible solutions that will help in fixing the issue:

How To Fix Foxtel Error Code pe8000?

Fix 1: Check server status

When troubleshooting the following error. The very first and foremost thing to do would be to check the server status of Foxtel servers.

If the error is being caused as a result of a server outage at the server end itself. Then, there is actually nothing much you can do. But, to just wait it out for Foxtel to fix the issue on their end itself. 

However, if the servers are up and running fine. Then, it would be safe to assume that the problem lies on the client end, and you can try the solutions mentioned below to try and fix the issue. 

You can check for the server status for Foxtel by going to the following link here.

Fix 2: Clear Cache memory (app or browser)

Depending on whether you are logged into Foxtel over a browser or using the app on your mobile devices. You can also try clearing up the cache memory for either your browser or the app, and see if doing so helps get rid of the pe8000 Foxtel Error message. 

To clear cache for browser

Since, covering up the steps to clear browser cache for all browsers out there, is not practically possible in a single article. It would be a good idea to search up for the steps to do so on your own, to avoid any unnecessary confusion. 

However, even then, just to save you time. Below, I have listed links to steps on clearing cache for some of the most popular browsers out there.

On the other hand, to clear the app cache on either Android or iOS platform. You can follow the steps as shown below:

Steps to clear app cache on Android

  • Go to your Android device’s Settings menu page, by either tapping on the Settings app or the gear icon.
  • Then, on the Setting menu page, click on the Apps option and from the list of apps listed, tap on the Foxtel app.
  • On the App info page, click on the Storage & cache option and click on the Clear cache option from the next page.
  • Once the app cache has been cleared. Launch the app and check if the error has been resolved.

Steps to clear app cache on iOS

  • Go to the Settings menu from your home screen and scroll down to find the Foxtel app.
  • Click on the Foxtel app from the list and toggle on the Reset cache on next start option. 
  • Once that is done, launch the app and see if the error still persists.

Fix 3: Update your device system software

Another very common solution, which is said to have worked for many users out there facing the issue, would be updating your respective system OS. 

Depending on whatever platform you may be using. You can refer to the link provided below to look up for the steps to updating such OS platforms.

Fix 4: Refresh the Foxtel Now Box

If you are using the Foxtel Now Box to stream content directly on your TV set. Then, refreshing your Now Box can be helpful in getting rid of the following pe8000 error message from appearing on your screens.

Fix 5: Try using a VPN

There may be times when you might see the following error message if you are trying to log into your Foxtel account from a country which is not supported by it.

If that is the case. Then, you can try changing your location from your current one to a location which is supported, and see if doing so helps fix the issue. 

Simply, download a good VPN app from the internet and choose a location of your choice and where Foxtel is available. Once done, login to your Foxtel account and see if the error still persists.

Fix 6: Contact Foxtel HelpDesk

If none of the above mentioned fixes work for you. Then, you can try directly contacting Foxtel’s official help desk and ask them for their assistance to help you solve the issue.

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