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Customised graphics are becoming a necessary component in maintaining an engaging online presence. But graphic designing is a complex thing and hiring a designer is too expensive. 

What if there is a tool that can create AI-powered graphic designs as per your requirements and offers plenty of features? That’s when Glorify comes into the picture. 

Glorify is an AI-powered graphic design tool which you can use to create social media posts, ads and logos, mock-ups, etc without any graphic designing skills. It is a feature-rich tool that comes with a user-friendly interface. It is an affordable tool which offers three pricing plans, suitable for individuals and businesses as well. 

What Is Glorify?

Glorify is a design software that creates engaging and unique graphics. With Glorify you can create presentations, infographics, ads, social media posts, logos, etc within seconds. It does not require any technical designer skill as it comes with a user-friendly interface.

Glorify provides many features that make this tool stand out. It provides 11,000+ templates, you can pick the required template and create the desired designs in seconds. You can find templates on Ecom Product listing images, social media posts, banner ads, hero headers, presentations, ebooks, logos, infographics, YouTube thumbnails and much more. 

One of the most amazing features that Glorify offers is Background remover. You just need to upload the picture and choose “Remove Background” and the work is done in seconds without affecting the quality of the image. 

The other feature that this amazing tool offers are annotation tool, with which you can highlight the premium features of your product using custom pointer heads. The annotation tool can also be used in brainstorming sessions. It also offers Realistic mockups, shadows and reflections, smart resizing features, etc.

Create E-commerce Graphics with Glorify

Glorify is an e-commerce-centric graphic tool that creates stunning and high-converting product images in a few clicks.  You can also create marketing materials, e-books, logos, social media graphics, infographics and much more without any designing skills. 

With Glorify, you can quickly create any type of design you need. You just need to choose a template from the library and add your product, brand it with colour edit a text and add a background with effects.  

The Glorify app is the ideal product image design tool for all online sellers regardless of what they sell. It supports all popular online platforms including Amazon, Shopify, etc. Drop shippers can use this product to create powerful product marketing campaigns. As a freelancer, you can offer professional e-commerce product photo editing services for Amazon, Shopify, eBay, etc.

Glorify Key Features

Some of the key features of Glorify are:

  • 11,000+ free templates
  • AI images
  • AI background generator
  • Background remover 
  • Annotation tool
  • Mockup
  • Shadows and Reflections
  • Stock images and Graphics
  • Video and Animation
  • Batch Editing

Here is a detailed explanation of important Glorify features to give you a better understanding.

  1. 11,000+ free templates: Glorify provides 11,000+ free templates on product images, social media posts, banner ads, etc. which are easily customisable as per user’s needs.
  1. Generates AI images: Glorify can generate AI images. You just need to put in a text prompt based on your imagination and it will create the required image. It provides a text-to-image feature. 
  1. AI background generator: Glorify can add your products to AI-generated backgrounds. You just need to upload the product image, put in the details of your requirement and click on “Generate.”
  1. Background Remover: With Glorify, you can remove any background, person, object, etc. from your image in a few clicks. You just need to upload the image and click on “Remove Background.”
  1. Annotation tool: With Glorify’s annotation tool, you can highlight the premium features of your product. You just need to select the annotation style, point it to USP and add the required text. The annotation feature can also be used to brainstorm ideas.  
  1. Mockup creation feature: Glorify provides the mockup creation feature to make your product realistic. You can create your scene or customise one from the library of pre-made scenes. It creates high-quality and ultra-realistic 3D objects. 
  1. Shadows and Reflections: Bring your picture to life with Glorify’s shadows and reflections feature in just a few clicks. 
  1. Stock images and Graphics: This feature allows better visual representations of your products. Glorify has a wide range of illustrations, landscapes, icons, portraits, vector graphics, etc. 
  1. Video and Animation: Glorify also offers video and animation features to edit and add effects and sounds to your projects, thus creating audience-engaging content. 
  1.  Batch Editing: Bulk editing and bulk export your designs to optimize your workflow. This allows you to edit and customise multiple images at once, therefore, allowing you to fastrack your workflow. 

Glorify Pricing

Glorify offers three pricing plans, i.e. Free plan, the Pro plan and the Business plan. All the pricing plans are very affordable as compared to the features it is providing. The pricing plans are:

  • Free plan: $0
  • Pro plan: $9.99 per month (Monthly plan) and $7.49 per month (annual plan)
  • Business plan: $19.99 per month (Monthly plan) and $14.99 per month (annual plan)

1. Free plan

The free plan is a basic trial plan and there is not any credit card needed to start with a Free plan. It provides all the features but in a restrictive manner. 

For instance, you can create just 5 design files with a Free plan, 5 downloads per month, 10 Ai Credits and 3 users who can be the admin or editor of the project and take advantage of amazing features such as smart resize, brand kit, annotate tool and many others.

It is the best way to decide whether you need to upgrade to the paid plan or not.

2. Pro plan

The pro plan allows its users to create and download unlimited design files per month. 5 users can be invited as the editor or admin of the project. Other AI tool usage is also provided with 100 AI credits per month. You have to spend 1 AI credit to use each AI tool feature such as AI images, AI writer, etc. 

3. Business plan

The Business plan is the most premium plan that Glorify offers. It allows its users to invite 10 users as the admin or editor for projects. It gives unlimited AI credits, which means you can use any of the AI tool features without thinking about the number of AI credits. You can create and download unlimited graphic files with the business plan. 

Glorify promises a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the performance of the tool you can ask for a refund within 30 days of the purchase and no questions will be asked. 

Glorify Pros and Cons

Some considerable pros and cons are discussed below based on its customer reviews on different platforms such as G2, Trustpilot, Capterra, Appsumo, etc. 

Pros of using Glorify

  • Glorify offers a seamless background remover feature which performs much better than other established graphic designer tools.
  • With Glorify, you can organise creative assets and designs on a single canvas, you don’t need to close and open files for one project. 
  • Glorify offers amazing AI-powered features which makes it stand out.
  • It has a wide range of customisable template collections for social media posts, banner ads, etc.
  • Glorify keeps on updating based on its users’ feedback making it better every time.
  • Glorify provides a Google fonts feature. 


  • As per the experience of some users, it offers plenty of templates for e-commerce purposes. However, it needs to add more templates for non-e-commerce categories such as blog posts and social media. 

Overall, Glorify has an excellent rating on reviewing platforms. They just need to improvise by adding more templates and fonts.

Glorify Frequently Asked Questions| FAQs

Does Glorify offer a free trial?

Yes, Glorify has a free plan. You can use this plan before upgrading to a paid plan. The free plan offers all the features but with some restrictions.

How To Use Glorify?

Glorify has a user-friendly interface which does not require you to be a skilled designer. Anyone can create graphic designs with this tool as all the tools are dummy-proofed. They also provide pop-up support videos to simplify the design process for you.

How To Downgrade The Glorify Plan?

To downgrade the Glorify plan, you just need to click on “Get Support” on browsing your account to request the downgrade.

What Are The Key Features Of Glorify?

The key features offered by Glorify are AI background remover, shadows and reflections to give dimensions to the object, an annotating tool better to explain your product, Mockup creator and many others. 


Engaging and customised graphics can be created with Glorify. It offers plenty of amazing features which are discussed in detail. If you are someone who is looking for a graphic design tool offering all the features in one place, then Glorify is the best tool for you.

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