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In today’s world, everything is interconnected and businesses have a global reach. To establish itself globally, there is a dire need for businesses to develop connectivity with their audience in their native languages. It is a challenging task to localize content and products for different markets and cultures. 

Centus is the perfect localization platform which is established as the most powerful and customizable platform. Their translation service can easily automate, manage, and translate any content into the languages of your targeted audiences, thus, making it possible for its users to connect with its audiences on a deeper level.

Centus aims to empower companies to bring products closer to their audience. It reduces the distance between the companies and their customers in different countries. With Centus, you can create content in all languages to get connected with your customers deeply. It saves a lot of time and resources.

With our multilingual localization platform, you can speak to the world making it easy to create, translate, and manage your content in any language providing the fastest and easiest route to market.

Whether you are a linguist or not, Centus makes it possible to create localized content in any language. It offers grammar checks, auto-compete, and translation memory features. You can create premium-quality content that fits the needs of your targeted audience.

Centus Overview

Centus Key Features

There are more than 1000 users of Centus worldwide. Centus is the most powerful, customizable, and user-friendly localization platform. It offers amazing features which makes it the most appropriate localization platform.

Some of the key features are:

1. Create content in all languages: Centus allows its users to create user-friendly content in all languages to deeply connect with their audiences. Its localization software is time-saving and makes it possible to connect. 

2. Launch products quickly & easily: Centus allows its user to create, translate, and manage their content in any language, thus, providing the fastest and most convenient way to market

3. Quality content without any errors: Centus allows its users to create multilingual localized content even if they are not linguists. It provides amazing features such as grammar checks, and auto-complete, and saves translation history to make it possible to create premium-quality as per your audience.

4. Integrated Apps and Seamless Integrations: Centus provides seamless integration to make your localization journey simple. It has seamless integration with various platforms such as Shopify, WordPress, Github, and many more.

5. Enhances your team’s productivity: Centus makes it possible for teams to collaborate from start to finish, which includes designing, developing, translating, or managing. It offers all the required automation and localization tools. 

6. Provides premium-quality content: Centus provides premium-quality content by providing access to grammar checks, auto-complete, and translation memory features. 

7. Native language customer service: With Centus, you can provide satisfactory native language support to your customers worldwide.

8. Multilingual documents: Centus allows you to translate docx, HTML, spreadsheets, etc. with convenient uploading and implementation. 

9. Security: Centus ensures the security of the translation and localization data of its users. It has made protocols and policies to protect its users. Centus has SOC 2 Type 2 compliance, GDPR compliance, and many more. 

10. Operates 365 days:  Centus operates every day of the year to ensure quality support to its clients whenever they face any problem. 

11. A 30-minute demo: You can schedule a 30-minute demo with Centus to understand your tech stack and get any queries resolved.

Centus Pricing

Centus offers monthly and yearly plans as per your team’s needs. There are specific plans for small teams and large businesses. Based on the size of the business, Centus offers four plans, i.e., start, essential, pro, and enterprise. 

Every plan has its perks. The Start Plan is for small teams and early-stage startups. This plan offers unlimited projects, 5000 hosted keys, and many more.

The Essential Plan is for small and medium-sized businesses. It offers every feature of the Start Plan and in addition many other features such as stats and reports, chained tasks, translation memory, and many more.

The Pro Plan is for those seeking advanced localization tools. This plan offers every feature of the essential plan and, in addition, many other perks such as TM management, custom translation statuses, shared glossaries, and many more.

It provides a dedicated manager for added support in the enterprise plan. The Enterprise Plan is available for large businesses or those in highly regulated industries. For a price estimate, users can contact the Centus sales team. This plan includes all the features from the “Pro” Plan.

Centus Overview

Benefits of using Centus

Some of the key benefits of using Centus are given below:

  1. Centus saves time and money for businesses by automating many of the tasks involved in localization.
  2. Centus ensures that the localized content is of premium quality by offering features such as grammar checks and translation memory.
  3. With Centus, businesses can reach new markets by providing translation tools that translate their content into the language of their target audiences. 
  4. It is a powerful, customizable, and easy-to-use localization management platform.
  5. With Centus, you can schedule a 30-minute demo to understand the tech stack and see how it works.


Success is driven by global connection in today’s world, therefore, effective localization cannot be overlooked. In this article, all the features of the remarkable platform Centus have been discussed. Centus has made it easy to navigate the challenge of multilingual connections efficiently.

For businesses that want to expand, explore new markets, and connect with diverse audiences, Centus is the perfect tool for them. It automates the localization process and saves time for businesses.

Centus introduces businesses to new markets by translating the content into various languages of the targeted audiences. It manages all the localization efforts such as translation, terminology, and many more. It also provides reporting and analytics features, with which you can measure the impact of localization.

Centus is the most appropriate platform for someone who wants to connect on a deeper level with their global audience.

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