How To Capture Screenshot On LG V20 Smartphone?

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Last Updated on September 23, 2023

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There are various ways of taking screenshots on the LG V20. Here we are going to explain all of the methods of the Screen Capture on the LG V20. You can use any of them to take a screenshot on your phone.

How To Take Screenshot On LG V20?

Method 1: Use Hardware

This is one of the most standard ways to take a screenshot on mostly all of the Android phones.

  • Go to the screen which you want to capture
  • Press the power and volume down button at the same time
  • You are done, a new popup window will emerge with the taken Screenshot with various options.
  • You can find your Screenshot on your photo gallery at any time.

Method 2: Software Option

  • Go to the screen which you like to take Screenshot
  • Go to the onscreen option, choose Qmemo + (Q icon)
  • A new window will emerge with the taken Screenshot
  • Click to saves from the top right corner
  • You can find Screenshot on the gallery

How To Edit The Screenshot On LG V20?

Method 1:

Once you capture the Screenshot, it opens the taken Screenshot in a popup window with various options like edit, share, etc.

Method: 2

  • Go to the photo gallery
  • Open the Screenshot which you want to edit
  • Check for the on-screen options
  • Choose edit

Now you can do whatever changes you want to your Screenshot. 

How To Share Screenshot With Others On LG V20?

You can do this once the Screenshot is captured, or open the Screenshot from the photo galaxy and check from the on-screen option to share the Screenshot to the other by using different platforms like MSG, Whatsapp, Facebook, email, etc.

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