How To Fix IRS Error Code 100?

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If you have filed for tax returns under IRS. And instead of receiving returns, have been prompted with the following IRS Error Code 100. Then, chances are that some information provided by you is either mismatched or is missing.  

The official page, as shown in the screenshot below, claims that the error usually appears if the EFIN or PIN combination is not present in the Origin Header or is not valid. 

IRS Error Code 100

This explanation however, is not very clear and a little difficult to understand. 

Hence, we did our own digging. And, after having gone through a number of online forums and threads, we were finally able to find some explanations which were easy to understand and made sense to even the layman.

How To Fix IRS Error Code 100?

Fix 1: Mismatch in AGI information

One of the major reasons as to why most users have been prompted with the following 100 Error Code is when the information mentioned in your current AGI and past AGIs do not match. 

As has been explained by user @mama_7 in the screenshot below, if the information mentioned in the previous year AGI (Adjusted Gross Income) does not match with the information mentioned in the current year AGI, which are directly fed into the IRS systems. Then, such an error may appear, for which you will need to call the IRS helpdesk and verify and update the data under AGI correctly. 

IRS Error Code 100

Fix 2: Call IRS Hotline

Another elaborate explanation which we had found online in IRS’ very own official website, reports the IRS Error Code 100 to be a simple problem that can be solved by simply calling up or contacting IRS’ Refund Hotline and discussing it with them. 

IRS Error Code 100

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