How To Fix iTunes Error Code 8392?

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  • Platform: iTunes
  • Error code: 8392
  • Error says: An unknown error (8392)
  • Occurs: Error comes while purchasing through the iTunes
  • Effect of the error: Because of the error users are unable to make the purchase on the iTunes

As per our research, the error code 8392 may occur while doing different things. Below we have mentioned a few most common situations where you can easily see this error.

  • The error may come while purchasing any single song from the album or while purchasing the full album.
  • The error may come while purchasing iTunes Match.

As of now, there is no official explanation as to why this issue exactly occurs, but as per our research, there can be different reasons behind this error.

How To Resolve iTunes error 8392?

Below we have shared a few workarounds that may help you deal with the iTunes error code 8392, please try to follow the troubleshooting steps in the given order.

  • Before moving forward with any serious workarounds we will advise you to restart your device, once your device restarts check if the error still comes or not.
  • If the error continues after restarting the device then go to subscriptions, if you are purchasing any subscription. Or go to the music library, if you are purchasing any music to check if the purchase has already been made, and the error was just a gimmick. During our research, we encountered a few users who had this error but when they checked they could see the item as already purchased.
  • Next, you can try signing out from the iTunes store and then re-sign in. In case you need any help with this step then you can visit this article.
  • If signing out and re-signing into the iTunes store is not helping without the error then make sure that your MAC or Windows PC is up to date with the latest firmware version if not then consider updating your system operating system.
  • If the error still continues then the error can also be related to your device security software.
  1. If you are using a MAC and using any third-party security software then consider disabling it and then check for the error.
  2. In case you are on a Windows device then try disabling your Firewall, and if you also have any third-party security software then consider disabling it too, then check if the error still comes or not.
  • At last, if none of the above steps help you resolve the issue then try reporting the issue to the Apple Support team to have further help and advice.

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