How To Fix NBA 2k24 Error Code 60cb1c7e?

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If you are currently getting the error code 60cb1c7e while playing NBA 2k24 then you are not the only one who is currently facing this error. Recently this error has been reported by several players on Twitter and Reddit.

As per the players’ complaints, they are having this error at different parts of the game such as while playing online or offline game modes, or while adding any player in the lineup especially if they got the player recently by claiming any pack.

We also have found that if players have gotten any cards recently from any events, then it seems to be an issue with all those cards, and players may get this error code while using those cards.

NBA 2k24 Error 60cb1c7e
NBA 2k24 Error 60cb1c7e

How To Resolve NBA 2k24 Error Code 60cb1c7e?

Fix 1: Check Update For The Game

We are very sure that there is some problem with the servers or that there is a bug within the game that is causing this error. So our first advice for you will be to check if there are any pending updates for the game, if so then you should install the pending updates and check for the error again.

Fix 2: Check Game Server Status

In case the game is up to date with its latest version but the error still comes then we will advise you to check the game server status, and to do that you can refer to which is an official page to track NBA 2K server status.

In case the NBA 2K server status page shows no outage or bug then refer to the NBA2K Twitter Handle and check if there is any recent Tweet related to any issues with the game or the servers.

NBA 2k24 Error 60cb1c7e

Fix 3: Are You Getting The Error While Adding Players To The Lineup?

If you are getting this error while adding any players to the lineup then try removing the lineup where you have the player and then make a new one. We can’t confirm this workaround as we haven’t tried this ourselves, but this was shared on Reddit by one player who claimed to fix the problem by doing so.

Fix 4: Restart The Game And System

In case there are no recent announcements on Twitter related to any issues with the game, and even the game server status page is showing no issues then try restarting the game and check for the error again. In case you still get the error after restarting the game then try shutting down your device along with your router, and wait for around five minutes. Then after waiting restart your device and router, now check if the error still occurs or not.

Fix 5: Wait For The Fix

If you still have the error then it’s clearly the game itself that is causing this error, and you have no other option than to wait till the developers fix the issue on their end, so wait for a few hours and try playing the game again.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

When Does The NBA 2k24 Error Code 60cb1c7e Occur?

NBA 2k24 error code 60cb1c7e mainly comes while playing online or offline mode, or while adding the players to the lineup.

What Happens Because Of The NBA 2k24 Error Code 60cb1c7e?

NBA 2k24 error code 60cb1c7e may prevent the users from playing the game, or may not let them add new players to the lineup.

What Are The Troubleshooting Steps To Fix NBA 2k24 Error Code 60cb1c7e?

NBA 2k24 error code 60cb1c7e is mainly a server-side problem and we have to wait for the fix from the developers’ end but meantime you can try checking the update for the game, restarting the game and device, and checking the game server status.

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