How To Fix Netflix Error Code s7111-1331?

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Netflix Error Code s7111-1331

The error code s7111-1331 on Netflix usually occurs when a user tries to watch Netflix on a platform which is not supported for the subscription plan currently subscribed to. What it means is that, if you are currently subscribed to a Netflix plan which is only supported in a mobile device or tabled. Then, with the same subscription plan, whenever you are trying to watch Netflix on a bigger screen such as a TV or PC monitor. Chances are that you will most probably come across the following Netflix error code s7111-1331.

Fixes For Netflix error code s7111-1331

Fix 1: Upgrade your current plan

If that is indeed what is causing the error to occur in your case. Then, changing to a subscription plan that allows you to view Netflix or supports a bigger screen is the only way to solve the problem. 

  • Thus, changing the subscription plan from your current one to Basic, Standard or Premium plans should help you solve the error message. 

However, if you feel that your subscription plan is not the problem and you have subscribed to a plan that supports even bigger screens. Then, the problem must be elsewhere, for which you can follow the solutions as listed below to solve the error.

Fix 2: Disable extensions in your Browsers

There may be times when certain extensions in your web browser might be the one actually responsible for causing the following error to occur. When an extension you had installed on your browser conflicts with the operation of Netflix. Then, such an error may show up, in which case having such an extension disabled or removed might help you solve the issue and fix the error message, if it is not something happening due to your current subscription plan.

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