How To Fix Now TV Error Code 21?

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Now TV Error Code 21

The new buzz around the Now TV community is the error codes that are kicking off people from the program.

There are many error codes on Now TV but in this article, we will discuss the Now TV error code 21.

The error code 21 shows up when you try to play a certain movie or show. You will also receive a prompt that says, “Something is not right, give it a moment”. 

This could be an issue with the specific movie/ show, or the application itself. Some entirely different reasons could also come into play.

We will discuss them in the next section with the solutions.

How to solve the error code 21 on Now TV?

Having trouble connecting to a specific movie or show on Now TV, you are most likely to receive the error code 21.

This could be the issue with the application or a certain piece of content that you are trying to play.

Let us discuss the solutions for all of these in this section.

Fix 1: Try to play something else

The first suggested fix on the support website regarding this error code says that this error code is mostly an issue with the movie or show that you are trying to play.

You can try to solve this by playing something else. 

If you are able to play another movie or show, then the issue is proven to be with the specific show you were trying to play earlier.

You can try to return to the specific show later.

Fix 2: Check your internet speed

If you are unable to play shows on Now TV, it can also be attributed to problems with the internet connection.

Check if you are getting enough speed for internet streaming. Especially for streaming video content, it is really important.

If you find that the speed is slow, fix your internet connection before playing the show again.

Fix 3: Switch the device that you are playing on

Sometimes, the device that you are playing on might be the problem. This frequently happens when you have not cleared the device’s memory or updated the device.

Try to use the same account on another device to play the same show that you were playing when you received the error code.

This might solve your issue if it was device-related.

Fix 4: Check the Now TV servers

When the Now TV servers are down, this might cause a problem with the content library on the platform.

Certain shows might be unavailable or the entire platform might become unavailable for a while.

You can check the server status on any down detector tool online. If the server is experiencing downtime, you can only wait for the server to go back up. There is nothing to fix on your end.

Fix 5: Contact the support team

If none of the options stated above have worked for you, you need to contact the support team.

They also have a live chat option on the website that you can use for raising this query. The Now TV community is also really helpful in providing helpful advice on this matter.

To conclude

The error code 21 on Now TV is a playback error. This is mostly the issue with the show or movie that you are trying to play.

Very rarely, this might also be attributed to the internet connection or server status. We have suggested solutions for each issue in detail.

We hope that it was helpful. Keep following for more such technical advice.

Happy Streaming!!

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