How To fix O2 Error Code 106?

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Are you trying to set up a data plan for O2 on your device whether it’s Apple Watch, Phone, or any other device but during the process having the error code 106?

If this is the case then below you can find all the details related to the 106 error with O2.

O2 Error Code 106

How To Fix O2 Error Code 106?

We have found many users complaining about the error code 106 with the O2 while setting up a data plan on their device. So we decided to write on this topic and started our research.

In our research, we were unable to find any official information as to why this error occurred in the first place. But we have found one comment from the O2 team where they acknowledge the error and suggest the user to get in touch with the O2 support directly so they can inspect his account to find possible reasons for the issue.

So in short in our research, we were unable to find any direct workaround for this error. All we have found is that if you are having this error then get in touch with O2 support so they can investigate your account to provide you with solutions for the error.

You can visit here, and choose the contact option as per your preference.

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