How To Fix Offerup error code 10007?

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Offerup Error Code 10007

During our research, we have found that Offerup error code 10007 can occur at any point in time stating that your account has been disabled for breaking TOS.

Even first-time users are also getting this error without doing any activity.

As there is no official statement shared by Offerup over this error, it’s very hard to say whether it’s some kind of bug in their system, or something else.

If you are also suffering from this error then in this post we are going to discuss this error and will share possible workarounds.

How To Fix Offerup error code 10007?

First of all the error message explaining everything that your account is disabled, and you can no longer use your account.

Now the question comes that why your account gets disabled.

Your account gets disabled for so many things, and you can find out about them here in their community guidelines.

But many users have reported that they didn’t do anything against the offerup’s TOS but still their account gets disabled.

Whatever the reason for the account ban, whether it’s your fault or it is an offerup’s system error, the one thing which is certain is that you can no longer use your account.

But don’t worry as we have found that if you don’t do anything against their TOS then you just need to contact their support and request them to reactivate your account.

If in case you are a very old user then don’t forget to mention this, and also tell them to check your account’s past activity to verify that you were always a loyal user of Offerup.

But If in case you are looking for a different solution to get rid of this error then we are very sorry. There is nothing in your hand to get back your account. All you can do is contact offerup support and make them believe that your account ban was a system error and you didn’t do anything wrong.

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