How To Fix OkCupid General Authentication Error Code 8?

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Here in this post, we will discuss the OkCupid (OKC) General Authentication error code 8 which prevents the users from successfully accessing the app.

As per our research, whenever users try to access the app they get this error, and this error may come if there are any pending updates for the app or device OS, or if there are some general issues with the app/device.

Fixes For OkCupid General Authentication Error Code 8

Fix 1: Restart The App And Phone One By One

  • Our first suggestion will be for you to close and restart the OkCupid app. Once the app restarts, check if the error still comes.
  • If you tried restarting the app but the error is still coming, then try shutting down your phone for around 2 to 3 minutes and then restart it. Once your phone restarts, relaunch the OKC app to check for the error.

Fix 2: Check If There Are Any Needed Updates

If the error persists, then go to the app store and search for the OKC app. Then check if there is an update available for the OKC app if so, then choose to update the app and then check if the error continues.

Fix 3: Try Following These Steps

  • Go to the OKC website and try logging in from there.
  • If you try to log in from the OKC website, you will receive a confirmation code on your phone.
  • Once you are successfully logged in on the OKC website, head back to the OKC app and try logging in to check for the error.

Fix 4: Try Clearing The OKC App Cache Data

  • Next, you can try clearing the OKC app cache data to eliminate any corrupt cache. If you are on Android, then simply tap and hold on to the OKC app icon and choose App info. Then choose storage and choose the option to clear cache data.
  • If you are on IOS then you can try offloading and reinstalling the OKC app.

Fix 5: Try Reinstalling The OKC App

If clearing the app cache data is unable to resolve the issue then you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the OKC app on your phone.

First, uninstall the OKC app from your phone and then restart your phone. Once your phone restarts, reinstall the app and then check for the error again.

Fix 6: Give The App Some Time And Try Again

If you are done with all the above suggestions but still get the error then we suggest you wait for a few hours or a day and then try logging in to the app again.

As you already have tried all the possible general workarounds, so possibly the issue will be server side and it should get resolved soon.

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