How To Fix Error Code 36 On Prodigy?

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If your child is learning Maths or English on the Prodigy app, but have unfortunately been prompted with the following Error Code 36 Prodigy. Then, chances are you may be seeing the following as a result of a bad or unstable internet connection. 

According to their official GutHub thread. The Error Code 36 for Prodigy, usually occurs when the device on which the error is showing is connected to a slow or unstable internet connection. 

Error Code 36 On Prodigy

There may be other causes as well, which might be responsible for causing the particular error to occur, such as a server issue or a program update or the game being unable to retrieve some file and so on. 

Hence, to deal with the following. We have tried to do our own research and find out why so many users are facing the issue, especially in the case of iOS users. 

Error Code 36 On Prodigy

And after going through a number of articles out there as well as various forums and threads online. We have managed to bring to you some of the most popular tricks or fixes which other users facing the issue had tried on their own and were able to solve the problem. 

Error Code 36 On Prodigy

Hence, if you are still trying to fix the issue without any luck. It would not harm to try out the few solutions listed out here as brought to you from the very users who had faced the issue on their respective systems.

Fixes For Prodigy Error Code 36

Fix 1: Check your internet connection

Since we already know that the most common reason for the particular error to occur may be an unstable or bad internet connection. 

It is hence very important to check your internet connection thoroughly for any lag in speed or instability which may be causing the error to occur. 

You can check your internet connection here. And if it is not giving you the speed as expected or is unstable in nature. Then, it would be a good idea to discuss the issue with your ISP provider and switch to a subscription plan or different internet connection that supports your needs and provides you with a more stable and fast internet connection.

Fix 2: Check membership status

If your membership is almost due to get over or has already ended. Then too, you might be prompted with the following error while trying to use the Prodigy app. 

Error Code 36 On Prodigy

In such cases, it is important that you check the duration of your membership and get it renewed if it is due to get over soon or already over.

Fix 3: Check Server Status

If your internet connection is working fine as well as your membership due date is still far off its expiration date. Then, there also might be a possibility that you are seeing the following error as a result of a server issue or maintenance going on at the server end. Or, an update work going on from the developer side itself, preventing you from playing the game properly. 

Error Code 36 On Prodigy

In such cases, if you have another Prodigy account. Then, with the help of it, you can check whether it is a general error occurring on all accounts out there or just that particular account. 

Error Code 36 On Prodigy

If it is happening for other accounts as well. Then, there is nothing much you can do here. But, just wait it out till the issue gets resolved at the server or developer end itself. 

Error Code 36 On Prodigy

However, if other accounts are running fine and the error is just appearing for one particular account or device. Then, the problem might lie either with the account or the device.

Fix 4: Contact Customer Support

In situations where both your internet connection is good, your account membership is still valid and there is no issue with the server or any sign of the app being updated on the developers side, as well nothing seems to be wrong with your account. Then, it would be a good idea to directly contact Prodigy’s Customer Support and discuss the problem with them. 

And although, this procedure may be time consuming and quite tiring at times. It is still one of the most effective ways to deal with the error and eventually fix it.

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