How To Fix Rocket League Error Code 64?

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  • Game: Rocket League
  • Error code: 64
  • Error says: Not All Players Joined. Not all players connected. (Error: 64)
  • Occurs: Error comes while Matchmaking
  • Effect of the error: Because of the error users are unable to Matchmake

Rocket League error code 64 is one such error that has been troubling the players since the launch of the game. This error mainly comes when users try to matchmake to find a game but this error occurs and doesn’t let the users get into any match.

As per our research Rocket League error code 64 is the server-side issue, whether the servers are overloaded, or having an outage, or there is ongoing server maintenance.

Fixes For Rocket League Error Code 64

Fix 1: Try Again And Again

As this is mainly a server-side issue, our first suggestion for you will be to try entering into the game multiple times. There were many players who shared that they tried to matchmake multiple times and after 4 or 5th try they were able to get into the game, so we will also advise the same to you.

Fix 2: Try Joining Any Other Party

On the different forums and communities a few users also have shared that they left the party which was showing the error and tried joining another party, and this resolved the issue for them. It’s weird but you can also try the same for yourself, who knows if this also works for you.

Fix 3: Try Making A Party Without Inviting Anyone

If the error still comes then try making a party without inviting anyone, for few players doing this helped them resolve the issue, so you can also try the same for you.

Fix 4: Try Playing A Causal Match And Try Matchmaking Again

There is another workaround that helps many users, the workaround is to play a casual match, and after that try matchmaking again. Many players have shared that they didn’t receive the error after playing a casual match.

Fix 5: Check Rocket League Server Status

Next, try visiting the to check the Rocket League server status, if there is any ongoing server outage or maintenance then wait till the server comes back to normal, and then try playing again.

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