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SocialBook Overview

In today’s world where digitalisation and social media are expanding at a fast pace, influencer marketing has become an effective way of advertising and brand promoting. Numerous individuals and businesses are seeking attention in the crowded online space and the influence of social media personalities has become an efficient source of reaching a target audience authentically.

SocialBook is an extensive influencer marketing software which has emerged as a leading platform for both influencers and businesses looking to enter the dynamic world of influencer marketing. With SocialBook influencers can grow their followings, create unique content, and make tier earnings. Businesses can also connect with the required influencers for their market campaigns. 

It makes a connection between influencers and brands thus promoting seamless collaboration, campaign management, and performance analysis. It has a user-friendly interface and a range of powerful features that make the influencer marketing process easy and convenient.

SocialBook Features

SocialBook is an influencer marketing software that comes with several amazing features to make it a robust tool for influencers or businesses. It offers specific features catering to the needs of influencers as well as brands.

Features for Brands

Influencer Database Search: With SocialBook, brands can search for more than 16 million influencers. It provides four ways such as Name Search, Filtered Search, Competition Search, and SocialBook Checker with which you can search for influencers according to your needs. You can also add them to your Influencer Lists.

Influencer List: You can add the selected influencers to an Influencer List. It allows you to see the statistics of your influencer performance and manage them. 

Understand influencer’s profile reports in depth: With SocialBook you not only have an Influencers List but you will also be able to dig some more questions relating to influencers to find out who has the potential to fit in your brand’s requirements such as their charge rates per post or with which brand they have worked previously and many more.

Performance Prediction: SocialBool will also tell you performance predictions such as the cost of the campaign, the expected results, performance of your performance, and many others.

Contact Influencers: With SocialBook, you will be able to connect your company email and send bulk emails to all the influencers on your list. Features like Dripping email, SocialMailer, and Email Templates help to make your email campaign more efficient.

Campaign Management & KPI Tracking: Once the influencers are interested in collaborating with you, you can move them to a campaign, name it, and track the progress of the project. You can keep track of the campaign timeline, draft review, contract status, etc.

Features for Influencers

Influence Report: With SocialBook, you can connect your Instagram or YouTube accounts to SocialBook. This way you will get an Influence report which includes statistics relating to your channel performance. You can keep an eye on posts that perform well to attract engagement. 

Analyse the competitors: Your Influence report contains the list of your competitors as well. With SocialBook you can analyse them using diagrams and tables.

The brand offers: If you want to earn from sponsorships, with SocialBook you can apply for brand deals from the campaign launcher. For this, you need to fill out the brand collaboration form if you want deals matching your preferences. 

Growth Tools: SocialBook provides many free tools that can help with your creative planning, visual editing, and content promotion such as Influencer Academy, Youtube Builder, Tag Research, Media Kit, Photo Studio, and many more.

Benefits Of Using SocialBook

For Influencers, SocialBook can help them to get an increased following, allow them to create better and unique content, and earn. The Influencer database makes it easy for influencers to connect with brands willing to work with them. It provides efficient tools for influencers to manage their campaigns and track performance. 

For brands, SocialBook allows brands to find and connect with the required influencers for their marketing campaigns. The Influencer database makes it possible for brands to search for influencers as per their criteria like niche, audience size, and engagement rate. It provides tools for brands which they can use to manage their campaigns and track their performance.

SocialBook is an extensive influencer marketing software platform that allows different features for both influencers and brands. 

How To Use SocialBook?

Using SocialBook is a simple and user-friendly process, for which you just need to follow some of the steps whether you are an influencer who wants to grow their audience or a brand that aims to collaborate with influencers for marketing campaigns. 

A step-by-step guide is given below: 

For Influencers

  1. Firstly, create an Account by visiting SocialBook and clicking on Sign up/Register.
  2. Then provide information about yourself to complete the profile such as your social media accounts, content niche, etc. 
  3. Then link your social media accounts to your SocialBook profile.
  4. You can explore the marketplace just by browsing to find collaboration opportunities.
  5. Once you find an appropriate campaign, you can apply for it just by following the campaign’s instructions.
  6. Through SocialBook’s messaging feature, you can communicate with brands.
  7. Once you get selected for a campaign, you can create and share the agreed-upon content on your social media channels.
  8. Using analytics tools, you can monitor the performance of your sponsored posts.
  9. Get paid.

For Brands

  1. Firstly create an Account.
  2. Then you need to provide information about your brand, products, and target audience to complete your brand profile. 
  3. By using search and filtering features you can find influencers matching your campaign requirements. 
  4. Then you can review influencer profiles.
  5. After that create campaign briefs as per your requirement. 
  6. Reach out to influencers
  7. Manage campaigns.
  8. Analyse campaign performance.
  9. Then you can compensate influencers.


SocialBook has emerged as a powerful tool for brands and influencers to connect with their target audiences. It has amazing features and capabilities which bridge the gap between influencers and brands. 

Whether you are an influencer who wants to monetise your influence or a brand looking to increase its market strategy, SocialBook offers an extensive solution for all your influencer marketing needs.

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