How To Fix SQL Error Code 0 in EPFO?

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If you are on the EPF website and are seeing the following SQL Error Code 0 in EPFO website. Then, chances are you are seeing this message as a result of a server outage issue at the server end or a problem with the connection.

The error usually comes with a message saying or indicating that the account is unable to get a connection, or that connection with the servers cannot be established. 

Moreover, the error mainly occurs or shows up whenever a user tries to login into their respective account. And thus, the error prevents users from logging in or accessing their respective account in the Employees Provident Fund website.

Fixes For SQL Error Code 0 in EPFO

Given that the issue is mainly occurring as a result of a server related or outage issue. There is nothing much users can do here to fix the problem on their end. But, just wait it out till the problem or cause gets fixed by the EPFO developers themselves.

However, if you feel like the issue may not be related to a server problem, but, something at your end. Then, you can try connecting and reconnecting to your networks, updating your web browsers or clearing up your browser cache to see if such general troubleshooting methods can help fix the issue.

1. Steps to connect and reconnect to the internet

Depending upon what kind of device or platform you are using to login into your EPFO accounts. You may want to disconnect your internet connection and reconnect back to see if doing so can reset the issue and allow you to login into your account without flashing the following error. 

2. Steps to Update browsers

The steps for updating your browsers might differ from one browser to the other. Hence, depending whichever browser you may be using to access the EPFO website. You might want to search the steps to update such browsers on your own and update your browsers respectively to see if that helps with the following error.

In most cases, you can update the browser by going to the browser’s settings option and under about section check and install any updated version if available. 

3. Steps to Clear Browser cache

Clearing up browser cache can usually be done from the browser’s settings option and heading to the History or cache section and clearing it up from there.

The steps for clearing browser cache, just like updating browsers may differ from one browser to the other. Hence, to avoid any confusion, it would be a good idea to search up for the steps on your own and check to see if the error still persists after clearing up your browser’s cache.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

What does the SQL Error Code 0 in EPFO say?

The error usually flashes with the message saying “ERR_SQE[0] Unable to get the connection”.

When does the SQL Error Code 0 in EPFO occur?

The following SQL Error Code 0 in EPFO usually occurs when users try to login or sign into their respective EPFO accounts.

What happens because of the SQL Error Code 0 in EPFO?

As a result of the following SQL error code 0 in EPFO, users are prevented from logging in into their accounts.

What are the troubleshooting steps to fix SQL Error Code 0 in EPFO?

Since the error is mainly assumed to be caused as a result of a server related issue or outage problem. There is not much to do here to solve the particular error. Users can either wait it out for the problem to get resolved at the server end. Or, in the meantime try some general troubleshooting solutions such as reconnecting to the network, updating browsers, or clearing the browser cache just to be sure that everything is fine at the client or user end. 

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