How To Fix The Division Error Code Romeo 20310358?

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While playing Division, if you are prompted with the following Division Error Code Romeo 20310358 message. Then, chances are that there might be a server outage or maintenance going on, resulting in the following error to occur. 

Division Error Code Romeo 20310358

And since, the issue behind the particular error to occur mainly is related to a server issue. There is nothing much you can do here anyways. But, to just wait it out till UBI takes care of the error at their end itself.

Division Error Code Romeo 20310358

Fixes For The Division Error Romeo 20310358

Fix 1: Check Server Status

Now although, in most cases a server outage or maintenance is the primary and most common cause for the following error to occur. 

Still, there is no harm in checking the server status for the particular game and be sure that the issue is indeed with the game servers, and it is not just you who is facing the issue.

Division Error Code Romeo 20310358

You can check for the server status by going to their official site and checking for the most recent updates there. Or, head to a third-party server status page like downdetector and check if others in your region are facing the same issue as well.

Fix 2: Run General Troubleshoots

If somehow you believe that everything at the server end is fine. And the problem might be at your end. 

Division Error Code Romeo 20310358

Then, as has been mentioned by Ubisoft’s very own official page. You can take the help of a few troubleshooting approaches, with the help of which you should be able to narrow down the other possible causes that might be responsible for the Romeo 20310358 to occur.

These solutions include: resetting your network hardware, switching to a wired connection, checking for any software conflicts, Forwarding Ports, Flushing DNS, Resetting hosts files and Enabling UPnP.

Fix 3: Contact Customer Support

If none of the solutions work for you as well as the servers are up and running fine at the server end. Then, it would be a good idea to directly contact Ubisoft’s Customer Support and discuss the problem with them, to come up with a solution that solves the error for you.

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