How To fix TNT, TM, Globe SIM Registration Error scr-in-0002 In Philippines?

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TNT, TM, Globe SIM Registration Error scr-in-0002

The error code scr-in-0002 occurs during the Globe Telecom, TNT, TM online sim registration process. This error is really a pain, especially if you are a first-time user who is registering the sim card for the first time.

As per our research, the error occurs during the identity verification process. Actually, during the sim verification, users are required to verify their identity by uploading a valid Id proof to match their identity against the information they have provided during the registration. But even when a user uploads a valid id, the system shows the error which says ‘error code scr-in-0002’.

Most of the time the error is coming because of an invalid ID, or for some reason the system is unable to validate your ID and show you the error.

If you are currently having this error then below you can find all the details related to this error to resolve it as soon as possible.

How To Fix TNT, TM, Globe SIM Registration Error scr-in-0002 In Philippines?

Fix 1: Double Check Your ID

The first thing you need to check is if you are uploading a valid ID or not. If in case your ID doesn’t match against the information you have provided in the registration then you are likely to get this error.

In simple words, you need to make sure that your ID matches the full name, birth date, and address you have provided in the registration. If not then make the correction to the registration information, and then check if the error still continues.

Fix 2: Is Your ID Clear And Readable?

If you are uploading a valid ID proof then check your ID proof quality. Make sure your ID is clear and readable. In case you find that your ID is not readable or blurry then replace your ID document with a new one, and then check for the error.

Fix 3: Try Using A Different ID

If your ID is valid as well as readable but you still having the error then we will suggest you to try with another ID. You just need to make sure that the new ID is not blurry, and it matches the information against the registration information.

Fix 4: Restart Your Phone

If even trying the new ID fails to resolve the issue then we will suggest you to restart your phone by switching it off and then switching it on after a few seconds. And then try proceeding with the registration process.

  • Power off your phone.
  • Then wait for at least 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Then power on your phone.
  • Now check if the error still persists.

Fix 5: Use A Different Device

If restarting the phone also fails to resolve the error then as a last workaround you can try using a different device to insert your sim, and then try completing your registration process.

Also, make sure to clean your SIM card before inserting it into a new device.

  • Remove the sim from your phone.
  • Then check if your SIM card is broken or damaged, if not then clean the sim card with a clean cloth.
  • Then insert the sim card into a new device.
  • Now try proceeding with the sim registration process.

Note: if using a new device also not helping with the error then most probably the error is coming from the sim company itself. You can choose to wait for some time, or get in touch with the SIM card company support team.

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