How To Fix Twitch error code 0x30231107?

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Twitch error code 0x30231107

Users may get the error code 0x30231107 while streaming games on twitch. This error can occur on any device which you are using to stream on twitch but this error is very common for the Xbox console.

Most of the time twitch error code 0x30231107 means that the game which you are trying to stream has not the permission for broadcasting. This thing happened with the newly released games or if the game is in the betas stage. So the error is not from twitch instead the error is from the end of the game’s developer.

How To Fix twitch error code 0x30231107?

Fix 1: The Error Is From The Game’s End

As I mentioned above, most of the time the error is not because of Twitch, instead the error is from the game developer’s end.

One user has mentioned on Reddit that he contacted Twitch support and they clearly mentioned that this error mostly means that the game for which you are having the error has no permission for broadcasting. And this is a very common thing for the newly released game or if the game is in the beta stage.

To confirm if the error is from your Twitch end or the game end, you can try streaming any other game. If you are not getting the error with the other games then this confirms that the error is from the game developer’s end.

So we will suggest you to contact the game to report this.

Fix 2: Installing the latest version of Twitch

If in case the game is not in the beta stage and you are having the error with all the other games then make sure you are using the latest version of Twitch, and your device firmware is also up to date.

If your device and Twitch are up to date but still have the error then you should contact Twitch Support to report this error.

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