How To Fix Valorant error code Val 9?

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Valorant Error Code Val 9

There are many games to keep you entertained on the internet these days. It is even hard to keep track.

Riot Games is one of the companies that has been very active in launching new and improved games. They also found the trendy shooter game, Valorant.

If you are on this article, that means you are already aware of the game and therefore, we will not go into the details of why you should be playing the game because it turns out, you already are.

However, like many other games in the market, Valorant also comes with its own set of issues. These can cause errors in the gameplay and cause resentment among users if not solved in time.

In this blog, we will discuss specifically how to fix error code Val 9. We will discuss the prompts that lead to the issue on the game and we will also discuss in detail what this error code means.

All of this will help you to get back into the gameplay without any problems. So, let’s get into it without further ado.

What does Valorant error code Val 9 mean?

Many users are facing the same issue when it comes to this game. They know it is the same issue because the error code displayed is the same.

Error codes are efficient for communicating the exact error in the game so that it can be solved subsequently.

The error code Val 9, communicates that there is a problem with the Riot client and it needs to be managed before the game can be continued.

There can be many reasons behind this trigger and we will discuss that in the next segment.

Reasons For The Valorant error code Val 9?

We have seen that the error code Val 9 means your Riot client is not working properly but what are the reasons that this is happening?

Well, there can be a couple of different reasons that can cause this to happen.

They are.

  • The Riot Games Server is down
  • You have a problem with your internet connection.
  • The game files are damaged.

These three major issues can lead to problems with the gameplay on Valorant and you will see flashes of error messages.

In the next section, we will discuss in detail how to fix these issues and why these issues occur in the first place.

How To Fix Valorant error code Val 9?

The issues behind the error code Val 9 on your Valorant game, are fortunately not a big deal and can be solved easily depending on what the issue exactly is.

So, you need to first identify the cause and then look at the easy solutions offered to get back into the gameplay. Let’s start with the most obvious and easy one to graduate to the most complicated one at the end. Even though. It is still not as complicated.

Fix 1: Your internet connection is weak

Since the game needs an active internet connection to connect to the server for the gameplay, the first and obvious thing that you should examine is your internet connection.

There can be many reasons why your internet connection might be weak and to get back on the internet, you will need the exact reason behind it once again.

Here are some issues that can explain what is wrong with your internet connection.

  • The internet service provider’s server is down
  • The router or modem is glitching
  • The router or modem is out of updates
  • The router or modem has a hardware issue
  • The connecting wires are loose or broken.

The course of action to solve the connection problem depends on the diagnosis of your problem.

Here is what you can do depending on the different issues mentioned.

  • Check if other devices connected to the same internet connection can connect to the internet. If not, this indicates that there might be an issue on the internet service provider’s end or maybe your connecting devices are faulty.
    Contact the internet service provider and leave a complaint. They will let you know if the server is down and you need to wait for a while before it can be fixed.
  • The router or modem glitches are very common and they can be solved with a simple restart. Just switch off and disconnect the router or modem, give it a five-minute break and plug it back in to get the system refreshed.
  • The router and modem should be updated regularly so that they have the latest safety protocols in place. Also, the newer updates help eliminate many glitches in the system.
    Check for updates regularly and also enable auto-updates just in case you forget.
  • The router or modem can also face some hardware issues that may be a major problem.
    Try a fresh restart or a factory reset if the restart does not work. Before you decide on a factory reset though, you should realize that this will delete all the preferences on your router or modem and it will need a fresh setup after you are done.
  • The connecting wires should be secure and there should be no breaks in the cable. This ensures that the devices you have connected, receive proper power and also prevents any hazards that come with broken wires.

Fix 2: The Riot Games server is down

Going by the official party line that is displayed with the error Val 9, we can say that this one makes the most sense.

If the server at Riot Games is down, it can and will cause problems in your gameplay. You can make sure that this is your issue by conducting a simple Google search that will tell you how many users are experiencing downtime while playing the game.

This usually happens when too many users connect to the server at once and the server crashes. This is a problem that cannot be solved by you. All you can do is raise a complaint and then wait for the technical team at Riot games to take care of the issue.

Sometimes, this error also resolves itself when the traffic goes down without any interference from the technical team.

All things considered, this is a wait-it-out situation.

Fix 3: The game files are damaged

When you download the game, the essential files related to the game are stored on the device that you are using to play the game.

These files contain vital information about your progress and execution of the game. These files are also connected to the server to make sure that you get a personalized experience while playing the game.

In some instances, these files get damaged or corrupt, and therefore, the entire gameplay is disrupted. 

Unless you repair the files, it is impossible to play the game seamlessly.

There are two things you can do.

  • Go to the Settings on your device and locate the game files. Then select the option to repair the files and try to play the game again.
    If the error gets resolved, then the files were repaired.
  • Uninstall the game and then reinstall a fresh copy so that the damaged files can be replaced with efficient ones.
  • There is also an option that you can try before uninstalling the game and that is to try to update the game. This might also repair the damaged files in some cases.


These were the three main reasons that could be causing a flash of error Val 9 on your Valorant game. 

Fortunately, Riot games have a great support ecosystem where users share their experiences with the game and solutions to the major error codes that are quite common. We have tried to include all the solutions that will help you hop back on the gravy train and play the game without any trouble.

In case nothing has helped you, you can also choose to contact the user support team at Riot Games directly to get to the root of your issue.

Happy Gaming!!

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