Vast Outreach Overview: The #1 Tool To Grow Your Sales

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Vast Outreach Overview

Today is the era of competitive and advanced businesses and it is necessary to stay one step ahead of the crowd. Businesses constantly look for enhancing their sales growth. To achieve this, businesses need innovative tools and strategies to amplify their outreach and increase sales figures. That’s where Vast Outreach comes into the picture. 

Vast Outreach is an innovative tool designed to make it easy for businesses to find and reach out to potential customers. The tool helps in finding leads based on location, industry, and other criteria, contact leads through email, and saves time and resources by automating the entire outreach process. It also tracks results to keep a check on how outreach is performing. Overall, Vast Outreach is the best tool for all sizes of businesses wanting to grow their sales. It is affordable, effective, and has a user-friendly interface.

Vast Outreach first scraps data from Google Maps, Linkedin, and other sources to create a list of potential leads. Then Vast Outreach can be used to send messages to these leads, track responses, and provide reports of the results of their outreach campaigns.

Vast Outreach Key Features

Vast Outreach has some amazing features that make it the best tool for growing sales. The key features are discussed below.

1. Email Marketing

Vast Outreach provides an amazing feature of Email Marketing to grow sales. With Email Marketing businesses can reach a huge number of audiences with personalized and targeted messages.

The leads are gathered through Google Maps, Google Search, and Linkedin, and with email marketing these leads can be easily converted into customers.

2. Lead generation

Vast Outreach makes it easy for businesses to generate leads through Google Maps, Google Search and Linkedin, and their internal database of e-commerce stores.

It provides an automated lead collection process that helps businesses to identify their potential customers and clients, thus, making it convenient for them to establish new partnerships.

Vast Outreach helps in making the more organized and efficient both for businesses who want to expand their customer base and also for businesses looking for new e-commerce stores to partner with.

3. Contact Form Marketing

Vast Outreach is the best in contact form marketing. Contact form marketing is an amazing marketing tool to connect businesses with potential customers. This way, businesses can reach out to their ideal audience.

Vast Outreach works on advanced technology and has an experienced team of marketers who provides businesses with high-quality leads, strategic messaging, and exceptional customer service. 

4. Sales automation

Vast Outreach makes the marketing process very simple and automated, thus, saving a lot of time and resources.

5. Reporting and Analytics

Vast Outreach provides analytics and reporting features to keep a check on campaign effectiveness. It tracks email open rates, click-through rates, and overall campaign performance. This feature helps in enhancing outreach strategies and increase conversion rates.

6. Personalization 

Vast Outreach provides personalized and customizable outreach. You can customize messages to suit each recipient. It can make the outreach as per user’s needs and interests thus increasing the possibility of positive responses. 

7. User-friendly interface

Vast Outreach has a user-friendly interface and makes it easy for first-time users as well who are very new to lead generation and sales automation.

8. CRM integration

Vast Outreach helps in tracking leads and sales in one place as it integrates with efficient CRM systems such as HubSpot, etc.

How Vast Outreach Art Works?

Vast Outreach works by finding leads through Google Maps, Linkedin, Google Search, etc. It can also be customized by the businesses as per company size, industry, and location.

After finding the lead, Vast Outreach will end a personalized email or contact form submission to the lead. The process of sending follow-up emails and contact form submissions can be automated.

Follow the following steps to use Vast Outreach.

  • Log in or register to the account: The very first thing you need to do is to Subscribe to a plan. Vast Outreach offers three plans, an essential plan, a starter plan, and a professional plan. Then you can log in or register to the account.
  • Choose your leads: After setting up your account, you can choose your leads by specifying the criteria you want to use to find leads.
  • Create your outreach campaigns: Then you have to create your Outreach campaigns which include creating emails and contact form submissions that will be sent to the leads.
  • Automate your outreach: With Vast Outreach, you can automate the process of sending emails and contact form submissions thus, helping you to reach more audience and accelerate the conversion rates. 
  • Track the results: A detailed report is provided on lead generation and sales activity which can you improve your marketing and sales strategies. 

Pros and Cons of Vast Outreach

Pros of Vast Outreach

  • User-friendly interface: Vast Outreach has a very user-friendly interface even for businesses that are very new to lead generation and sales automation. 
  • Pocket-friendly: As compared to other tools, Vast Outreach is a very affordable tool that makes it accessible to businesses of all sizes.
  • Integrations: Vast Outreach has integrations with CRM systems, such as HubSpot which makes tracking leads and sales in one place easy. 
  • Reporting and Analytics feature: Vast Outreach provides its users with detailed reports on lead generation and sales activity which helps businesses in improving their marketing and sales strategies. 
  • Customer support: Vast Outreach provides high-quality customer support. They provide support via email, phone, and their support center to answer any issues you may have. 

Cons of Vast Outreach

  • No free trial: Currently Vast Outreach does not provide any free trials but you can schedule a demo with them to see their services in action or view their demo video.
  • Time-consuming to set up: It is a little time-consuming task to create a campaign and then choose to target criteria and write your outreach messages. 

What are different pricing plans for Vast Outreach?

Vast Outreach offers three monthly plans for its users which makes it accessible to all sizes of businesses. You can cancel or pause your subscription anytime. The plans offered are:

  • Vast Outreach Essential Plan: You can get the Essential plan in just $99 Monthly. With this plan, you can contact 1000 leads a month. 
  • Vast Outreach Starter Plan: You can get the Starter plan at $299 Monthly. With the Starter plan, you can connect 5,000 leads a month.
  • Vast Outreach Professional Plan: You can get the Professional plan at $599 Monthly. With the Vast Outreach Professional plan, you can connect unlimited leads a month.
Vast Outreach Overview

FAQs about Vast Outreach

Are there any limits to using the Vast Outreach service?

No, Vast Outreach does not put any limits on the number of emails sent, forms, or the number of companies collected.

What kind of support Vast Outreach provides?

Vast Outreach provides high-quality customer support via email, phone, and their support center to address any issues the user may have.

Does Vast Outreach provide a free trial before subscribing?

Currently, Vast Outreach does not provide any free trials but you can schedule a demo with them to see their service in action or can also view their demo video.


Vast Outreach is an all-in-one lead generation and sales automation platform that assists businesses of all sizes to grow their sales. It has a user-friendly interface, is pocket-friendly, and has a variety of features that helps businesses to automate their business leads and sales process. Though it could offer a free trial to make it easy for businesses to try it out before they commit to a paid subscription.

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