How To Verify Integrity Of Game Files On Steam?

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In case you want to know the steps to perform verifying the Integrity of game files in Steam then, here in this article, we are going to tell you how you can do this.

Verifying the Integrity of game files is a process in Steam where it checks for all the game files that are needed to run the game properly, in case during the process, Steam finds any missing or corrupt files then it will fix the file.

How To Verify Integrity Of Game Files On Steam?

  • First, Close the Steam, and Restart your desktop/laptop.
  • Then Relaunch Steam.
  • Then go to the Game library.
  • Then go to the game that is showing issues, and Right-click on the game or tap on the Gear icon.
  • Then choose  Properties.
  • Then choose the Installed Files tab.
  • Then choose Verify integrity of game files.
  • Now Wait till the process finishes.

How Does Verifying the Integrity Of Files In Steam Helps The Users?

Here are a few situations where this process can be helpful for you.

  • Can help if there are any missing textures or other content in the game.
  • Can help if the game is crashing while playing or upon launching.
  • Can help in case the game is glitching or not launching at all.
  • Can help if any add-ons are not working as they should be.

Things You Should Keep In Mind Before Verifying Integrity Of Game Files On Steam

  • When you are running this process, please make sure you are not performing other system-intensive activities such as running your Antivirus for viruses, defragmenting your hard drive, etc.
  • If you are having issues with multiple games, then only perform this process one by one for each game, and avoid running this for multiple games at once.
  • The process may fail to verify one or more files and this is completely normal, so if you see any such message then don’t worry as mainly those are local configuration files that should be avoided in this process.
  • When the process is underway, avoid closing the steam, and restarting your desktop/laptop.
  •  If you have any third-party content or modifications which were not downloaded from Steam then they may be removed during this process.

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