How To Fix Webex “failed to get correct parameters” Error?

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  • Platform: Webex
  • Error Code: Failed to get correct parameters while downloading the meeting component
  • Occurs: The error occurs when the system fails to authenticate a certain certificate of the client app due to a certain protocol being disabled
  • Effect of the error: The error prevents users from connecting to a meeting on the Webex client application

If you are facing the following Webex “failed to get correct parameters” Error message, while trying to connect to a meeting. Then, chances are you are seeing the message as a result of the TLS protocol being disabled on your system.

Webex “failed to get correct parameters” Error

Fixes For Webex “failed to get correct parameters” error

Below, we have mentioned the particular solution which we have seen to have worked for almost all users out there who had faced the particular issue on their respective systems. 

Fix 1: Enable TLS and SSL protocol 

Many users on various forums and threads have mentioned that enabling the TLS and SSL protocol on their browser settings have done the trick for them and helped solve the following “failed to get correct parameters” error on Webex.

Hence, depending upon whichever browser you may be using. Try enabling the SSL and TLS protocols on your respective browser from the settings option and see if doing so helps fix the following issue. 

Webex failed to get correct parameters Error

Fix 2: Contact Webex support

If you cannot fix the particular error using the steps as mentioned above. Then, it would be best to directly contact Webex customer support and discuss the problem with an expert there.

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