How to Fix Whirlpool washer F20 Error Code?

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Whirlpool washer F20 Error Code

Whirlpool without a doubt is one of the best brands out there when it comes to home appliances, especially washing machines. However, just being at the top does not actually mean that life is without any mishaps and obstacles.

There are times when even the best of appliances and brands might face a few backlogs such as errors and problems from time to time. And since you are already here, reading the following article on, “How to Fix Whirlpool Washer F20 Error Code?”. I believe that you must have already come across one such issue. 

But there is nothing to worry, as you have come to the right place to find just the solution needed to solve the issue and get your machine running on your own in no time. 

In this article, we shall be explaining all there is to know about the particular Error Code F20 on your Whirlpool washing machine as well as look at the various fixes that will help you fix the issues and get rid of the Error Code F20. 

Why is my Whirlpool washer showing the Error Code F20?

Typically, when solving an error, it is always a good idea that the source of the issue or problem is identified first. And only then try to solve it. This way, solving a problem becomes much more simpler and efficient. 

And hence, similarly even in the case of the Error Code F20. It would be best if we first have a look at what may be some of the reason(s) causing such an error to occur. 

So, usually when you have the following Error Code F20 on your Whirlpool washer display screen. It basically would indicate that there is an issue or problem with the water inlet unit.

If there is an issue with the water inlet unit obstructing water from entering into the tub of the washing machine for its wash cycle. Then, in such cases, your Whirlpool washing machine should display the following error message on its screen. 

How to fix Whirlpool washer Error Code F20?

Below, you will find some of the most widely used and popular troubleshooting methods out there, with the help of which you should be able to solve the Error Code F20 on your respective Whirlpool washers.

Fix 1: Check whether the water supply faucets are turned on, undamaged or unclogged

The very first thing you need to check while dealing with the particular error at hand, is whether the water supply to the machine is normal or not. 

Most often, there are occasions when the main reason why such an error occurs is when the water supply to the machine is turned off or cut off right at the source.

Otherwise, if there is a leakage between the source and the inlet unit, leading to loss of water in between and hence resulting in a decrease in water pressure at the washers end. Then that too, might be a cause for such an error to occur. 

In such cases, it is important that you thoroughly check the pressure of water entering the machine unit through both the hot and cold faucets. 

To do this well and more efficiently, you can follow the steps as further described below:

  • Firstly, turn off the device completely to prevent any kind of accident.
  • Then, head to the back of the washer and check whether the hoses linked to the washer are not damaged or badly bent, obstructing water from passing by freely. 
  • If the hoses are damaged or not placed properly, it is important that you either replace the hose with a new undamaged one or plug them back properly, so that water can pass freely into the washer unit.
  • For some reason, if the hoses are either clogged or blocked inside. Then, you should first clean them thoroughly from the inside by running a thin wire through the hose and then pass hot water through it to remove any particles and debris accumulated inside it. 
  • Once, you have made the necessary changes and checked whether water is being passed through the hose normally. You should be able to plug back the hose to its original position.
  • Ensure that the hose has been plugged back in firmly and tightly. And then, check once again whether the water being supplied is under normal pressure or not.

Fix 2: Check whether the water pressure entering the washer is adequate or not

Once, you have followed the steps mentioned above and are sure that there is nothing wrong with the hose or faucet. Next, you will need to check the pressure of water to determine whether the error is caused due to less pressure in the water supply or something else. 

Here, it is important to note that the water pressure being measured should not be less than 10 psi. If it is less than 10 psi, then measures must be taken to increase the pressure of the water accordingly.

Now, there are two ways you can go on checking the water pressure at home. Either, you can call up the water utility agency and ask them directly. Or, use a water gauge at home to check for the water pressure on your own. 

For those of you who have or can manage a water gauge at home. You can refer to the following article on “How to Measure Water Pressure using Water Gauge”. It is a step by step guide to check for water pressure at home using a water gauge.

Fix 3: Check whether the detergent being used is highly efficient or not

If the water pressure at your home is normal and above the required 10 psi mark. Then, the next possible reason behind the following error could be due to the detergent being used. 

There are times when the detergent being used in a washer is not very efficient and produces too much froth and foam. In such cases, excessive amounts of froth can obstruct the washer from being able to detect the correct amount of water flow into the machine. Thus, causing such an error to occur due to mis-sensing.

So, if that is the case. Then, shifting to a more efficient detergent base should help resolve the issue quite easily.

Fix 4: Run wash cycle

Finally, once you are done with all the steps as shown above, you can next go on following the steps mentioned below to remove the error code from your device. 

  • Firstly, press the “pause/cancel” button twice, on the control panel unit and wait for at least 10 to 12 minutes and then see whether the error still persists. 
  • If for some reason, the above step does not work for you. Then, you can also try going for a hard reset. To do so, switch off the device and completely unplug the device from the main power supply. 
  • Wait for at least 2 minutes, and then plug it back on to the main power supply and switch it on. 
  • Select and run a wash cycle, and see whether the error message has been resolved.

The above steps work well, if there is a software issue with the control board which is not very serious and caused due to a temporary glitch within the circuit.


Hence, in this way by following the different ways and methods as described above. You should be able to solve the error code F20 on your own for your Whirlpool washing machines. All the methods mentioned above are independent of one another and can be carried out in any sequence you may desire.

However, if for some reason the following error code cannot be solved even after implementing the methods and steps as shown above.

Then, it might be due to reasons which are much more critical and serious such as a physical damage or hardware issue. In such cases, it is best that you contact Whirlpool’s official HelpDesk for expert assistance.

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