How To Fix Xbox Error Code 0x80a40008?

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The Xbox Error Code 0x80a40008 is an issue with the Xbox account that can cause problems with signing in to the Xbox Live account or stop you from accessing certain features on the console.

There can be many reasons behind his error code. Some of them are network connectivity issues, incorrect information on the Xbox account, or an internal issue with the Microsoft account.

How to Resolve Xbox Error Code 0x80a40008?

Fix 1: Restart the Xbox Console

This issue is not set to a specific Xbox console. It can show up on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and even on Xbox Series S.

There are certain technical snags on the console that can cause functionality errors on the console. This is why you might witness errors like this one.

To get rid of the temporary issues on the console, restart the Xbox console. This will shut down all the faulty processes on the console and restart all the processes.

Fix 2: Check your internet connectivity

To play on the Xbox console, you need to have an impeccable internet connection. It should be efficient in both speed and connectivity.

Firstly, if you are using a mobile connection, you should consider switching to a wired network instead. This ensures better speed and connectivity.

To check the speed and stability of your internet connection, you can run an internet speed test. Just Google Internet Speed Meter and run a test. You will see a report about the internet connection that you are using. 

If you see that the internet connection is weak, you need to rectify this issue by contacting your internet service provider and asking for a solution. Unless the internet connection is stable, you cannot get rid of the error code.

Fix 3: Switch the Microsoft account that you are using on the console

The Microsoft account that you are using to connect to the Xbox console can be part of this error code.

To solve this issue, you can switch the Microsoft account and this will solve the issues with the original account. You can also try to reset the password on the account instead or contact the Microsoft support team to help you with the issues on the account. However, if you have another account available, it is faster to switch to a different account.

Fix 4: Remove the accounts that you do not use

The accounts that you use on the Xbox console are stored in the memory of the console. These accounts can occupy a lot of memory space on the console.

This can cause many errors on the console. 

Take a look through the saved directory on the console memory and remove the accounts that you no longer use so that the memory can be freed up. Here is how you can do this.

  • Launch the Settings
  • Click on the Accounts option
  • Click on Manage Accounts
  • Now recognize the accounts that you do not use and remove them.

Fix 5: Update the console

The Xbox console functions through regular updates. If the console is not updated to the latest version of the software, it will not function properly.

When you face any error on the console, you need to check if your console is updated to the latest version of the software. If there is a newer version available, download it and then see if the issue is resolved. 

This solution generally is very helpful. However, if there is no newer version available, then you will need to consider other solutions.

Fix 6: Reset the network settings on the console

There are certain network settings on the console that need to be configured correctly in order to have the console connect to the internet.

If these settings are messed up, then the console will face errors like the error code 0x80a40008. Here is what you can change with the network settings to improve your odds of getting rid of the error code.

  • Launch the Device Settings
  • Click on Network Settings
  • Click on Advanced Settings
  • Click on Network Reset

This will reset the network preferences to default and the console will have better odds of getting rid of the error code.

Fix 7: Change the DNS settings on the console

The Domain Name Settings on the console need to be configured properly in order for the IP address identification of the console on the network.

If the DNS is not configured correctly, you might not be able to reach the internet and log in to your account. For the resolution of this issue, change the DNS settings of the console. Here is the process to change the DNS settings on your console.

  • Press the Xbox button to launch the Guide
  • Click on Profile and System
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on General
  • Click on Network
  • Click on Advanced Settings
  • Click on Manual
  • Now enter new primary and secondary DNS addresses.
  • You can find and use the Google Public DNS
  • Click on Save.

Once you restart the console, you will see the changes in the network settings related to the DNS.

Fix 8: Factory reset the console

If none of the solutions have helped, there is a possibility that the console is facing some severe technical issues.

To get rid of these technical issues, you might need to factory reset the console. Here is the process to do this.

  • Launch the Settings on the console
  • Click on System
  • Click on Console info and Updates
  • Click on Reset Console.

Before you take this step, make sure that you are well-informed about the fact that this means that the console will be completely wiped off and you will have to enter all the preferences on the console again.

Fix 9: Contact the Support team

If none of the solutions have worked for you, you need to get in touch with the support team. They will register a support ticket and help you with the technical difficulties on the console. If your console is covered through a warranty, they might even allow free repairs and replacement for the console in extreme cases.

You can also visit the user forums where other users can help you with the solutions to the issue. These forums can be found on official Microsoft support and other platforms like Reddit, Tumblr, etc.

To Conclude

The error code 0x80a40008 is an issue with the network connectivity and sign-in of the Xbox account.

There are different reasons that we have discussed with the different solutions in this article.

Hopefully, this article was helpful to you in getting rid of the error code. Keep following for more technical advice.

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