How To Fix Zoom Error Code 3003?

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In this blog post, we will share the details for the Zoom Error Code 3003 which says “not meeting host”.

  • As per our research, this error comes when users try to edit or cancel a meeting for another user. Here are the possible reasons for the error.
    • You don’t have the proper privileges to make changes to the meeting.
    • The main host has modified the privileges.
    • You have the wrong Zoom meeting link.

As I mentioned above, there can be many reasons behind the error, and depending upon the reasons you have to try different workarounds. Below you can find all the workarounds you need to resolve this error.

Fixes For Zoom Error Code 3003

Fix 1: Check And Make Sure These Few Things

  • To deal with Zoom error code 3003 our first advice will be for you to check if you have proper privileges to make the changes to the meeting.
  • If previously you could make changes to the meeting but suddenly you started getting this error then chances are that your privileges have been modified, so ask the main host if they have made changes to your meeting privileges.

Fix 2: You Don’t Have The Correct Co-host Meeting Link

The next possibility is that the main host has shared the wrong link with you. Zoom assigns a dedicated link for the Co-host, and it may be possible that instead of sharing the dedicated link of the Co-host the main host mistakenly shared with you the link to the normal meeting.

Actually, the reason for the error lies in the way Zoom meeting calls work, normally there is a primary host who first sets up the meeting, and later he/she can make any of the meeting participants co-hosts. Whenever the primary host assigns a co-host Zoom creates a new dedicated link specific to the co-host, and here the mix-up happens.

It may be possible that the main host didn’t share the dedicated co-host link with you, instead, they have shared with you a link to a normal meeting call. So if you are a co-host and getting this error then ask the main host to share the dedicated link which was assigned specifically for the co-host.

Fix 3: Other Workarounds

At last, if you have tried everything on your end and are unable to figure out this error then we will advise you to get in touch with the Zoom support team to report this error and have further help.

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