How To Fix 500 Internal Server Error Spotify?

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If you are facing the following 500 internal server error Spotify messages on your Spotify apps. Then, chances are that you are seeing it as a result of some app files missing or files being corrupted. 

The particular error can also occur, if the information on your Spotify app is wrong or conflicting in nature, as had been mentioned by one user on their official community forums. Hence, if that is the case. Then, checking your details such as your PIN or other official details and correcting them in case of wrongly mentioned would be one way of trying to solve the issue.

500 Internal Server Error" Spotify

Fixes For 500 internal server error Spotify

Fix 1: Change Protocol in URL

On the other hand if the error is occurring as a result of what type of protocol you are using before your URL as mentioned in the screenshot below.  

500 Internal Server Error" Spotify

Then, as have been mentioned, changing the first part of your URL, from an https protocol to an http protocol might help solve the following error.

Fix 2: Clear app cache 

You can also try clearing your app cache to see if it helps with the following error.

There may be times when cache data stored up on your browser or app may cause conflicts, giving rise to such an error to show up. 

Hence, depending on whether you are using the Spotify app or a browser. You can clear cache for either one and check if that helps get rid of the error.

Fix 3: Update or Reinstall the app

If there are any bugs or corrupted files causing the error to occur. Then, any one of either updating the app or reinstalling it back after an uninstallation, might help solve the issue by replacing all such files that might be responsible for causing the following error to occur.

Fix 4: Contact Customer Support

If you cannot pinpoint the cause of the error on your respective case, and are unable to deal with the particular error on your own. Then, it would be a good idea to contact Spotify Official Tech Support and discuss the problem with them.

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