How To Fix Barclays Error code 00103?

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In this article, we are talking about the Barclays error code 00103.

As per our research this error shows up when you are trying to log into the Barclays account, but they are telling you that your credentials are not authenticated.

This does not automatically mean that you have entered the wrong credentials, many times some temporary issues with Barclays system or your device can also lead to this issues.

How to get rid of Barclays error code 00103?

Fix 1: Check your credentials

The first logical step in this situation is to check if you are putting in the right username and password.

You must understand that passwords are case-sensitive and if you are putting the right password but there is an uppercase or lowercase letter which is not built into the original password then you might need to reconsider.

If you do not remember your password anymore, then we will suggest that instead of entering the wrong password repeatedly you should consider opting for the forgot password option. In the case of financial services online, if you repeatedly enter the wrong password, they can even block your account. 

Also, take a look at your username and make sure that this is the username that you entered when you made your account.

Fix 2: Use a different device to log in

Sometimes the device that you’re using might be having some technical issues that are not allowing you to get into your account.

In this case, you can try to switch to a different device and try to log in again. If you are able to log in through a different device, then we will suggest that you power cycle the original device and figure out what the problem with the original device is. Either way, if you’re not able to find what is the issue with the original device, you will still be able to use the account on a different device. 

If this does not work then move to the next solution.

Fix 3: Try using a different web browser

The interface of Barclay’s online website might not be suitable for certain web browsers. The compatibility of the program with the web browser depends on the interface matching of the browser as well as the original program. 

There are two routes that you can take for this. The first one is you can Google the web browsers that are compatible with the Barclays software. If your web browser is not on the list, then you can switch to a different browser.

The other routers directly switch to a different browser and see if it works. This way too you will get to know if your original browser was a problem.

Fix 4: Take a look at your Internet connection

A slow Internet connection will not take you anywhere online. The issues with the logging and also be due to the Internet connection speed being slow.

You might be able to launch the website, but the processes on the website will be hanging up if the speed of the network is not up to the mark. 

To make sure that your Internet connexion speed is fast and stable you need to launch an Internet speed meter from Google.

When you run the speed test for your network, The website will send pings to your network connection and determine the upload and download speed. They will also give you a detail about what can work on your Internet connection speed and what will not.

If you find out that your network speed is slow, you need to talk to your Internet service provider to rectify the issue.

Fix 5: Take a look at the status of the Barclays server

If your Internet connection is working fine then you need to check if the server of Barclays is up and running.

Sometimes you do a lot of traffic at the same time on the server, the server breaks down and crashes. There are also certain instances where you are given a fair warning about the maintenance scheduled on the server.

These are the times when the server is not up and running and you will not be able to use any processes on the website.

You can check the server status through a down detector tool from Google. Just type Barclays on the search bar and you will have a real-time outage report of the server.

If the server is down, there is nothing you can do. You just have to wait for the developers to sort out the issue.

Fix 6: Clear the cookies and cache on your browser

Some data that you repeatedly enter into the websites that you visit is stored in the form of cache and cookies on your browser.

This data is not cleared for a long time, can become corrupt, and cause issues on the browser services. This might include malfunctioning of the websites that you are trying to use through the browser.

Launch the browser settings and clear the cookies and cache for the browser. Now refresh the browser and try to launch the Barclays website again. If this time you are able to log in, you will know that the cookies and cache were the issues.

Fix 7: Disable ad blockers

If you’re using ad blockers on your browser, then you might not be able to access the full functionality of certain websites.

Users have reported that as soon as they disabled the ad blockers and the extensions that they have enabled on their browser, they are able to log into the Barclays website. This might help you too.

Disable the ad blockers and the extensions that you have turned on for your browser. Relaunch the browser and check if you are able to log in.

Fix 8: Use a Virtual Private Network

We rarely suggest that you use a Virtual Private Network when you are using a certain website that requires authentication. But in this case, users have reported that using a Virtual Private network was able to get rid of the Barclays error code 00103.

This is a solution worth trying as there is no harm in switching off your VPN while browsing the Barclays website.

Fix 9: Change your device’s DNS settings

There are certain issues on the device that can be due to the IP address being wrongly configured on the servers due to your DNS address being messed up.

To solve this issue, you can use Google’s public DNS. To do this, launch the DNS settings and change the originally added DNS to Google’s public DNS. This has also helped many other users get rid of the error code 00103 on Barclays.

Fix 10: Contact the Barclays customer support team

If none of the solutions that we have listed above were able to get you out of the error code 00103, then you will need to contact the Barclays support team.

The support team will register your complaint and give you a support ticket number that you can follow to see where the rectification of the issue has reached. 

Although we have mentioned all the solutions listed on the user forums, there still might be some helpful information that other users might give you who have faced the same issue. List of tried and tested solutions that have worked for them and might work for you too. Some such forums are present on the platforms like Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter.

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