How To Fix BGMI Error “Server Authentication Error, Login Failed”?

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In recent times, players have been complaining about the issue that reads as “Server authentication error login failed BGMI.”

This issue shows up when the players try to login into the game, and the reasons behind it can be internet issues, device issues, server issues, or even wrong credentials.

Below we have shared the all possible workarounds for the error.

Fixes For the Server authentication error login failed on BGMI

Fix 1: Check that your credentials are correct

If you are facing an authentication error while logging in, the first step that you should take is to verify your login credentials.

In this day and age where each individual has dozens of accounts that they log into regularly, it is easy to forget the password for each account. On some websites, you also need to remember the exact username without any mistakes in the form of lettering or numbering. Same with the passwords that are case-sensitive.

Take a look at the credentials and make sure that you are entering the correct ones. If you are not sure, it is better to ask for a password reset link. Entering an incorrect password repeatedly can cause your account to get blocked due to suspicious activity on the account. 

This is why it is better to reset the password in such cases.

Fix 2: Check your network signal

It is very important to have a great network signal while playing BGMI. It is a heavy game that relies on the regular download of data from the server and if the internet connection is not up to the mark, you will not be able to continue with the game.

To make sure that the network signal is strong, you need to test the internet connection with the help of internet speed meter tools.

Google Internet Speed Meter and then run a test for your network connection. The tool will send pings to your internet connection and determine if the upload and download speed is sufficient for you to play BGMI.

If the connection is slow,  you need to talk to your internet service provider about your internet plan and its issues.

Fix 3: Power Cycle your router

Another pillar to determine the strength of the internet connection is the network hardware.

The router and the modem constitute the network hardware.

If there is a technical glitch affecting the router, it can be solved with the help of a power cycling session. It is called restart in simpler words.

By restraining the router and the modem, you can shut down all the processes on the device that are causing issues and there is a fresh opportunity for the launch of all the processes without the intrusion of glitches.

Fix 4: Check the status of the BGMI server

The game server often is a victim of unexpected crashes. This happens when the server receives more traffic than it is designed to handle in one go.

This traffic causes the server to crash and go down for a while. In this case, you will need to find out if the server is down or if the issue is on your side.

An easy way to check this is to Google any down detector website and search for the BGMI server report.

You will see an outage report about the BGMI server. If the server is down, you will need to wait for the login. Unless the developers rectify the server conditions, you will not be able to play.

Fix 5: Clear the data for the BGMI app

The cookies and cache data that the app stores on the device can get corrupt on occasion and therefore, you need to clear the cache and app data on a regular basis.

This data is designed to store the information that you repeatedly enter on the app. The credentials are a part of this information if you choose to stay logged in.

If this data gets corrupt, understandably the authentication process will be stalled. Clear the app data and cache from the app settings and then try to log in again. This has solved the issue for many other users and might be useful in your case too.

Fix 6: Change the DNS settings

The Domain Name System is a way for the authentication of your device’s IP address by the game servers.

If the DNS settings are messed up, the authentication process of the game will not be completed and the credentials will be rejected.

You can take care of this issue by changing the DNS settings. If you are confused about what to replace the DNS address with, you can add the address of Google Public DNS.

Fix 7: Check for the latest updates on the BGMI app

There are many processes on the app that might not work according to their full potential because you are still using an older version of the app.

This also means that you lose the compatibility with the game server which is necessary for the authentication of your account and playing ahead. Many players ignore the updates on the app and this is the root cause of the issue that they face with the login on their BGMI account.

Fix 8: Disable the VPN that you are using

If you are using a Virtual Private Network while playing the game, this might be an issue with the credential authentication failure because a VPN conceals your identity.

This is unacceptable to certain platforms.

Many users have suggested that you should turn off your VPN and then try to log in once again. This might help with the issue.

Fix 9: Contact the customer support team

If none of the above solutions have helped you log in, there is a possibility that the account that you are using for the game is blocked.

There can be some issues that have placed a temporary ban on the account and sometimes in case of serious violations of community guidelines, the ban on the account can also be permanent.

In either case, this is an issue that the customer support team can help you with. If there is some other technical issue, the team will still help you.

You can also visit the user forums on platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook for advice from other players. They can suggest solutions on the basis of what they tried for the issue and what worked for them. These pearls of wisdom can rarely be found in official sources.

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