How To Fix Black Desert Online Error Code 2002?

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Black Desert Online Error Code 2002

Are you having the error code 2002 with the black desert online?

If yes then stick with this post to find the possible workaround to deal with black desert online error code 2002.

How To Fix Black Desert Online Error Code 2002?

Fix 1: Check Storage

Whenever you get this error the first thing you should check is your storage.

Most of the time you will get this error if you run out of storage space on that drive.

So check your available storage and make sure you have enough space left.

Fix 2: Make Sure You Are Not Using ​​VPN

Also if you are using a VPN then you may get this error.

So if you are using any VPN then please consider disabling it and then check if you still have the error.

Fix 3: Check If Your Internet Connection Is Fast

If you still have the error then run an internet speed test to check if your internet has good speed and is stable.

If in case you find your internet is slow or unstable then restart your internet. And if still get the error then contact your ISP.

Fix 5: Contact Game Support

If in case the error continues then we will recommend you contact game support to report the error so they can inspect the error and share with you the possible workaround.

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