How To Fix BO3 (Black OPS) Error Code a.b.c.-.-.f.g?

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Here in this blog post, we are going to provide possible troubleshoots for Black OPS error code A.B.C.-.-.F.G.-.-.-.K.-.-.N.-.-.-.-.-.T.U.-.-.X.-.Z.-.-.-.

During our research, we were unable to find any official information on this error. Even there are very few resources available online who have shared any information on this error. But from the Steam community and Reddit, we were able to find a few workarounds which may help you resolve this issue.

BO3 (Black OPS) Error Code a.b.c.-.-.f.g

Fixes For Black OPS Error Code a.b.c.-.-.f.g

Fix 1: Don’t Press X After You Launched The Game

This may sound ridiculous but many users have shared that not pressing the X button immediately after launching the game and waiting till the game version loads fixes the issue for them.

Here is what you exactly need to do,

  • Quit the game.
  • Then relaunch the game.
  • Then wait for around 10 to 30 seconds till the numbers in the top right corner change.
  • Then proceed and check if that helps.

Fix 2: Power Cycle The System

If the above steps don’t resolve the issue then disconnect your device and router from the power source and wait for around 5 to 6 minutes. Then restart your router and device, then relaunch the game to check if that helps.

BO3 Error Code a.b.c.-.-.f.g

Fix 3: Check For Updates

If the error continues then check if you need to update your device or the game. In case there are any pending updates then install the update right away, and check for the error.

Fix 4: Check For Server Status

If you are using the latest version of Black OPS and your system is also up to date then check for the Black OPS server status.

  • Visit the Activision Server Status page.
  • Then go to the section where it says Select Game.
  • Then from the list of games choose Black OPS.
  • Then check the server status of the game.

Fix 5: Reinstall The Game

If game servers are working without any reported issues then we will suggest you to uninstall the game and then reinstall it. Some users have shared that for them reinstalling the game was the only thing that resolved the issue.

BO3 Error Code a.b.c.-.-.f.g

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