How To Fix “Can’t Activate eSIM. Reason code 3.8”?

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If you are on a Pixel device and are facing the following Can’t activate 3SIM reason code 3.8. Then, chances are that your SIM has not been unlocked yet or it has still not been authenticated.

There can be other reasons as well. But, by large these two are the most possible and common causes out there which might be causing the following error to occur. 

We have gone through a number of forums out there as well as referred to a number of discussion threads online, and have finally managed to compile and assemble a list of solutions from users themselves out there who had faced the issue on their devices and were able to solve the error. 

Can’t Activate eSIM. Reason code 3.8

And thus, without any further ado. Let us have a look at all such queries and solutions which we bring to you from the various sources online, so that you can find the solution that proves to be working for you.

How to Fix “Can’t activate eSIM. Reason code 3.8”?

Fix 1: Change SIM settings on TMobile 

Can’t Activate eSIM. Reason code 3.8

You can go and take the help of the T-Mobile website or app to change the type of connection on your phone to an e-SIM by simply providing it with your device EID and scanning the QR code as provided by them to allow them to guide you through the steps to enable e-SIM. 

But, first you will need to download your e-SIM, if you have still not done it yet. 

If you are not sure of how to download an e-SIM on your Google Pixel device. Then, you can refer to the following guide and download it.

As for those of you who are on some other device and are seeing the following error. It would be a good idea to search up for the steps to download the e-SIM on that particular device on your own to avoid any kind of confusions or so. 

Can’t Activate eSIM. Reason code 3.8

Once you are done with that. Contact T-mobile here, and scan the QR code over on their official website and complete the process. 

Fix 2: Unlock the sim

If you have tried the step as shown above and are still unable to activate your eSIM. Then, check to see if your SIM has been unlocked or not. 

It is necessary that your SIM as mentioned by user @rayw-reddit, is unlocked to be able to activate your eSIM properly. 

Can’t Activate eSIM. Reason code 3.8

Fix 3: Set up Google Authenticator to 2FA

There may be times when not having 2FA authentication enabled on your Google account may be causing the following error to occur.

Although, it might not be the same for all. Still, it is always a good idea to have the 2FA authentication feature enabled for your accounts to prevent or avoid any such errors from appearing due to it.  

Can’t Activate eSIM. Reason code 3.8

You can check out the steps to enable 2FA verification for your Google accounts on their official website here.

Fix 4: Insert in and out physical SIM

If you have a physical SIM in your possession for the e-SIM you have downloaded. 

Then, you can try the following trick as mentioned by the user below to try and fix the issue.

Can’t Activate eSIM. Reason code 3.8

Simply, insert your physica SIM into your Pixel device and restart it. 

Once restarted, take out the physical SIM from the device and check if the error still persists.

Fix 5: Check if your device is supported or not

If none of the solutions shown above as well as those mentioned in other websites work for you. 

Can’t Activate eSIM. Reason code 3.8

Then, there is a possibility that your device might still be very new and the setup for an eSIM is yet to be updated on their system itself.

Can’t Activate eSIM. Reason code 3.8

You can check for whether the device supports an eSIM or not by heading to T-mobile’s website itself and searching for your device there. 

Can’t Activate eSIM. Reason code 3.8

Or, directly contact them and find out more about it.

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