How To Troubleshoot Chase Error Code 50106?

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In this blog post, we will share the details about the error code 50106 with Chase.

The error says,
“we’re having trouble using one of the accounts you choose. Please choose a different account. (error code: 50106)”.

As per most of the users’ complaints, the error code 50106 occurs to the users who try to add a new CC to their account. On the other hand for some users, the error is coming when they are trying to add their new bank account to pay their bills.

Here are the few complaints we have found online.

1. Unable to add Chase checking account as pay-from account online for Chase CC

2. Got a new Chase CC with my SO as primary. I’m trying to set it up for automatic payments using a Chase Total Checking account under my name. I put in the routing number and account number, and it gives me an error saying “we’re having trouble using one of the accounts you chose. Please choose a different account. (error code: 50106)”. I tried adding a different checking account with another bank and it accepted it no issue. Anyone have an idea why it won’t let me add the chase account under my name to auto-pay my SO’s credit card?

Chase Error Code 50106

Fixes For Chase Error Code 50106

First of all, there is no official news on the error as to why exactly users are having these issues. Even though we went through different forums and communities but were unable to find any helpful information which could help the users with this error.

The only helpful information we were able to find was that If the Chase banking account is not in the name of the credit card holder, it cannot be used as a payment method for a Chase credit card. So this can also be the reason for the error.

If you are having this error then our advice for you will be to get in touch with the Chase support team to ask why exactly you are facing this issue and what can be done to resolve it. Depending upon your situation Chase support team will have to go through your account to investigate the issue to provide help for the error. So our best advice for you will be to get in touch with the Chase support team.

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