How To Fix DJI Error Code 180?

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  • Platform: DJI Drones
  • Error code: Unknown Error (code:180)
  • Error says: Unknown Error (code:180), cannot takeoff, please contact DJI support
  • Occurs: This error mainly comes while taking off
  • Effect of the error: Because of the error DJI Drone doesn’t take off

As per the official information shared on the DJI website, you may get the “Unknown Error (code:180)” while talking off. This error mainly comes after upgrading your firmware, and this issue is related to the additional Remote ID function on the firmware.

If you don’t know then “Remote ID creates a common and consistent way for authorities to monitor airborne drones and identify who is flying them. Similar to a car license plate, this new method of aerial accountability will make the skies safer, improve public acceptance of drones, and open up new possibilities for drone pilots to routinely fly in ways that have until now been restricted for safety and security reasons – like flying at night or directly over people.” Source

In simple words, you may encounter this error if the app version and firmware version are out of sync. If you are having this error then you should not worry as below we have shared the different workarounds to resolve this issue.

DJI Error Code 180
DJI Error 180

How To Resolve DJI Error Code 180?

  • To resolve the DJI error code 180 you can try upgrading the MSDK version, you need to make sure that you are using the MSDK version 4.16.4 and above.
  • If the error still comes then you can try authorizing the location information for the software.
  • The last thing you can do is to register MSDK and place it in the first Activity.

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