Does Verizon coverage in Puerto Rico?

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Does Verizon Work In Puerto Rico

Travelling out of the country, the most important thing that you need to think about is how to stay connected back home while travelling.

Many SIM cards do not provide a connection to other countries and this becomes a real problem when you find yourself buying a different SIM card and a dedicated plan to stay connected to people in your home country.

Travelling to Puerto Rico soon? Have a Verizon connection?

This is a legit question to ask if the Verizon connection will support you while you stay on the island, or you will need to get a new connection just for the brief vacation.

So, in this article, we will address your question which is, Does Verizon work in Puerto Rico? We will also discuss in detail what things you need to remember before travelling so that you can have the best experience with the Verizon connection in Puerto Rico.

Let us discuss everything in detail in the following sections.

Verizon compatibility in Puerto Rico

Before you make a move to visit Puerto Rico, let us understand the compatibility of Verizon on the island.

Since the location has changed, it won’t be the same as back home and you will be charged for roaming but the roaming will be Domestic Roaming. 

The great thing about Domestic roaming is, that you will not be charged anything on the top of your plan but you will still experience the Roaming sign on your mobile network.

The Verizon network will work in Puerto Rico but in some areas where the towers of Verizon or the piggyback carriers are scarce, the network coverage may be very weak. That is the downside although, it is not a catastrophe considering that you do not pay anything extra even after being outside the continental US area.

How does Verizon Work In in Puerto Rico?

Since Verizon does not have its towers in Puerto Rico, to provide you the domestic roaming and a connection while you are on the island, Verizon takes the help of piggyback carriers.

Piggyback carriers are the other networks that Verizon is in collaboration with to provide you with networks where they do not have towers. 

Verizon generally partners with AT&T and Claro.

What to expect From Verizon In in Puerto Rico?

Verizon does work in Puerto Rico but the thing that you should keep in mind is, that you will not be able to get the best services as they are now coming through the piggyback carriers.

The network coverage is patchy because the other carriers only provide you with the bare minimum to serve their customers better.

While in some areas, you will have impeccable service through sheer luck, in other areas you should expect to get minimal notifications. Even in areas like San Juan, you will receive little connectivity.

The calls may be better at connecting but when it comes to the internet, the service will mostly disappoint you.

What to do for Verizon better experience In Puerto Rico?

If you are a person with important work that can only be completed over the internet, or you have a habit of staying in touch through calls, getting poor network coverage might be a nightmare for you.

There are certain things that you can do though, to make your experience better.

1. Use Public Wifi

If you are on the island for a limited period, it makes little sense to buy a new connection. 

In such cases, you can go and use the public Wifi may be at the resort or hotel you are staying at, or at a cafe. This also allows you to keep your data limit from exhausting. In this case, you get convenience at almost no price.

2. Buy a new connection

People in Puerto Rico do not live in a network blackout. They do have connections that provide great network coverage. 

Buying a new connection should only cross your mind when you are on the island for an extended amount of time. As this is the option that will cost you money that will not be justified on a temporary stay.

3. Do a Phone Detox

If you do not have important work that needs to be taken care of right away, then enjoy your vacation the old-fashioned way.

Convert this network blackout to a phone detox and turn around the way that you look at things. Especially if you are on a vacation, it is a great idea to put the phone away and just be in the moment.


Depending on how you look at it, bad network reception can be a blessing or a curse. In today’s fast-paced world, it is important to take some time alone and disconnected so that you can breathe in peace. 

In such cases, you should just relax by putting your devices away. If you however do have important tasks to complete while on vacation, you can use the various ways listed above to improve your experience with the network.

Happy travelling!!

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