How To Troubleshoot EBay Error Code 70164?

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In this article, we will discuss and share the details about the error code 70164 with eBay.

The error says,
“seller unable to accept payment, contact seller for help”.

EBay Error Code 70164

What Is eBay Error Code 70164?

According to the users’ complaints, the error code 70164 occurs with eBay when a buyer tries to make the payment. As per our research, the error mainly occurs for those sellers who are using PayPal as a payment method.

If you encounter this error, it is likely due to the seller having an incorrect PayPal address listed or their PayPal account not being verified. In some cases, it can also mean that there are some issues with the Buyer’s PayPal account.

Below we have shared all the details related to the issue. We hope our guide will help you with the error.

Here is the one complaint raised by the user online,

Keep getting error code 70164 when i try to pay. Won’t let me get to PayPal screen. As soon as I hit the pay now button, it says “seller unable to accept payment, contact seller for help”. It’s their first sale on eBay. Not sure what to do. Tried to contact them and eBay. Still waiting for a reply. PLEASE HELP!!! Source

How To Troubleshoot eBay Error Code 70164?

Are You A Buyer?

If you are a buyer who is trying to make a payment on eBay but has the error code 70164 then below are a few suggestions that may help you resolve the issue.

  • It’s possible that your eBay seller may only accept payment from Paypal verified accounts so check if you have a verified PayPal account. If not then consider verifying your PayPal account and then check for the error.
  • If your PayPal account is already verified but you still having the error then we will suggest you log in to your PayPal account to check if you have any issues with your account.
  • If your PayPal account is verified and you also don’t have any issues with your PayPal account then it’s very much possible that the error is coming from the Seller’s end. In that case, you should notify the seller that their store is having this issue so they can fix the issue.
  • You also try switching between different browsers. And if you are having the error with the eBay website then we will suggest you to use the eBay app, but if you are using the eBay app then you can consider using the eBay website.

Are You The Seller?

If you are a seller who is having the error code 70164 with his/her store when users try to make the payment. If yes then below we have shared some suggestions for you which may help you with the error.

  • Check if your email address is correct in the eBay listing.
  • Check if you have provided the correct PayPal address in your eBay.
  • Check if you have crossed the sales threshold limit. If yes then you may need to provide your tax ID and other information in order to continue selling on eBay.
  • Check if you have mistakenly set your eBay store to vacation mode. If yes then you may need to turn it off to continue accepting new orders.
  • Check if you need to verify your PayPal account, or if there are some other issues with your PayPal which need to be fixed.
  • If you still have the error or need further help and advice then we will suggest you to contact eBay and PayPal support.

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