How To Fix Efootball Error Code c_gkcc_0065 (c gkcc_0065)?

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If you currently having the error code c_gkcc_0065 while playing the Efootball then here in this post we will share all the details to the error which may help help you deal with the error.

How To Fix Efootball code c_gkcc_0065?

If you have recently updated your eFootball game. Then, it should not come as a surprise if you encounter the following efootball code c_gkcc_0065 error code. Recently, many users have reported to have encountered the following error, soon after they had installed the latest patch released by the game. 

Efootball Error Code c_gkcc_0065

Hence, it would be safe for us to assume that the source of the error might primarily be related to the latest patch and not because of something wrong at your end. 

Efootball Error Code c_gkcc_0065

It can be a server issue or a bug within the new patch or a simple corrupted file which came with the new patch, causing all the trouble. Thus, it is advised that you wait it out for a few days or so, till the problem gets resolved at the developer’s end and a new patch is available with a fix for the following error code. 

Efootball Error c_gkcc_0065

However, just to be sure that everything is fine at your end. You can try resetting your network devices, or verifying the integrity of your game files, or even reinstalling the game to fix any corrupted game files which might be causing the following error to occur. 

Although, all the above methods have been tried out by a few users out there without much luck. Still, there is no harm in trying these general troubleshooting methods just to be extra sure. 

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