How To Fix Espn App Error Code 0033?

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If you are getting the Espn App Error Code 0033 on your TV. Then, chances are that you are seeing the particular error as a result of a server issue or an issue with the operator itself.

Espn App Error Code 0033
Espn App Error 0033

Apart from the above two reasons, there can be a few other reasons as well such as outdated apps, a faulty network, a blocked ISP or a problem with the cache

Hence, while dealing with such errors, it is always a good idea to try one solution at a time, and see if any one or a combination of more than one can solve the error as has been discussed further below.

How To Resolve Espn App Error Code 0033?

We have gone through a number of threads and discussion forums online, and have found and curated a few solutions to help you solve the particular Espn Error Code 0033 on your own. 

Fix 1: Check your Contract

When subscribing to a subscription. It is very important that you thoroughly go through its terms and conditions. Or, where or which third parties a particular channel or channels are supported. 

Espn App Error Code 0033

In most cases, users often subscribe to subscription packs without much reading, just to later find out that the channel they want to watch is not included in the particular pack. Thus, it is very important that you check thoroughly the terms and conditions as well as what channels are supported and what are not. If the channel is not supported in a particular pack or is not provided by a particular provider. Then, you might have to subscribe to such a channel(s) exclusively to be able to watch it on multiple platforms as had been the case for the user in the screenshot shown above.

Fix 2: Check channel support

There may also be times when a particular channel might be supported or available during the time of subscription made to a particular plan or provider.

However, with time and changes in contracts within the channel and providers, some channels might be omitted or included from time to time. In such cases, a channel you were subscribed to earlier might not be available to view later on as a result of such a channel being dropped. 

Espn App Error 0033

Hence, it is a good idea to keep a check on such changes. Or even better, subscribe to such a channel exclusively so that you don’t have to go though such a hassle and have exclusive rights on viewing the channel on any platform you like. 

Fix 3: Try resetting the Password

If for some reason you are out of your country or home. And trying to log into your Directv account on a different television set. Then, too you might see the following 0033 Espn Error Code while trying to watch your favorite sports program on ESPN. 

Espn App Error 0033

In such cases, as had been discussed by the users in the screenshot below, you can try resetting your password. 

Espn App Error 0033
Espn App Error 0033

This trick, although may sound weird, seemed to have worked as a fix for many users facing the same issue. Hence, there is no harm in giving it a try and checking if doing so helps with the following error.

Fix 4: Clear App Cache

If you are seeing the error as a result of a conflict within the app cache. Then, clearing it up should prove to be helpful in solving the particular error.

Espn App Error 0033

For this, depending on whatever platform or smart TV you are using, head to the Settings option. And then, under Settings, find the Applications option and try to Clear the app cache from there. 

Here, it is important to note that the steps in doing so might differ from device to device and platform to platform. Hence, it would be a good idea to search up for the steps to clearing up the app cache on your own for the particular platform you are on, to avoid any unnecessary confusion.

Fix 5: Check Server Status

If the error is widespread and you see other users in your region or around you facing the same issue as well. Then, the error might not be something at the client-end. But, rather at the server end itself. 

In such cases, you can either try to head to third-party websites such as downdetector or downforeveryone, to check the status of the server. Or, simply head to their official social media handles and check if other users face something similar under the comment section or tags. 

And if the issue is indeed at the server end. Then, there is actually nothing much you can do in such a case. You can simply wait it out till the problem gets resolved at the server end itself and then head continue watching your favorite sports program on your desired channel.

Fix 6: Change to Different Network

If for some reason, your IP has been blocked by ESPN’s server, or there is an issue with your network. Then, in such cases too, such an error might occur. 

If that is the case, then trying to change to a different network might give you an idea as to whether the cause of the error indeed lies on your network or somewhere else. 

Hence, if changing to a different network does not show the same error, and you are able to view the channel without any problem. Then, in such a case, calling up your ISP provider and asking them to change your IP address to a different one should do the trick.

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