How To Fix Facebook Error 504?

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While using facebook if you are ever prompted with the following Facebook Error 504 message. Then, chances are that there is a network gateway issue responsible for causing the particular error to occur. 

Facebook Error 504

Moreover, the error is usually prevalent among the Facebook messenger app. Hence, it can be assumed that the error is primarily related to the app itself. And, all the necessary precautions and steps to solve the particular error would have to deal with the messenger app itself.

Now, given that the error mainly shows up on the Messenger app. There are a few solutions out there with the help of which you might be able to fix the error with respect to the app on your respective devices.

Fixes For Facebook Error 504

Fix 1: Clear Cache

Clearing up app cache is one of the best ways to get rid of any bugs or issues which may arise due to conflicting stored data on your app memory. 

Hence, you can try clearing up your Facebook Messenger app’s cache memory and see if the error can be resolved by doing so.

Fix 2: Uninstall and reinstall the app

Uninstalling and reinstalling the app has been proved to be one of the best and most effective ways in solving the following Facebook error 504. 

Facebook Error 504

All you simply need to do here, is go to your App Store and Uninstall the Facebook Messenger app from there. 

Then, once again reinstall the app back onto your device and check to see if the error still persists when you launch the app.

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