How To Fix Fall Guys Error Code 14?

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If you are playing Fall Guys and have recently encountered the following Error Code 14 in the game. Then, chances are that you are seeing the error as a result of some game files getting corrupted during a recent update or due to some other changes made to the system recently. 

Fall Guys Error Code 14

Of Course now, there can be other reasons as well behind the particular error to occur. However, a corrupted game file(s) is the most common and widely seen among all. 

Hence, our first priority should be to first detect such game files and fix them, to solve the following error. 

And one of the best ways to do so would be to Verify your Fall Guys game files as shown in the steps below.

fixes For Fall Guys Error Code 14

Fix 1: Verify Game Files

Verifying game files automatically takes care of any bugged or corrupted game files within the system which might have been created during a recent update or some kind of glitch while playing the game itself. 

Hence, if you feel that the error has suddenly showed up out of nowhere without any specific cause. Then, verifying your game files and fixing them is possibly the best option out there to get rid of the following error. 

Fall Guys Error Code 14

And as has been mentioned by user @KitchenItem above. If you are playing Fall Guys via the Steam platform. Then, to verify your game files, you will simply need to head to your Steam dashboard and right-click on Fall Guys. 

After that, from the drop down menu list, select the Properties option and hit on Verify file integrity next. 

Give it a few moments for the files to get verified and fixed. Then, check whether doing so helped with the error.

Fix 2: Uninstall and Reinstall Epic Game Launcher

If you are using an Epic Game Launcher for launching Fall Guys on your system. Then, you can also try Uninstalling and Reinstalling the launcher to see if that helps fix the issue as has been mentioned by the user @u/bgrated in the screenshot provided below.

Fall Guys Error Code 14

You can uninstall the Epic Game Launcher as well as the Epic Online Services app by going to your Windows Control Panel and Uninstalling the apps from there. 

Once uninstalled, you can download the launcher app again from the following website and install it. 

Fall Guys Error Code 14

And as you can see from the comments shown above. This particular solution seemed to have worked for many other users who had come across the error in their cases as well. 

Hence, it would not harm to try uninstalling and reinstalling the Epic Game Launcher app to try and solve the following error in your case as well. 

Fall Guys Error 14
Fall Guys Error 14

Hence, in this way by verifying the game files and uninstalling-reinstalling the Epic Game Launcher or Steam launcher, you can try solving the particular error on your own.

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