How To Fix Fall Guys error code 200_19002?

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Fall Guys Error Code 200_19002

Fan of the simplicity of Fall Guys?

As simple as the game looks, the mechanism is still very complex. The game’s development is handled by Mediatonic which Epic Games have recently acquired.

They are a big shot in the battle royale games.

You can play many mini-games in a single game and challenge your competitors. Sounds pretty interesting. 

That is why so many players are interested in the game in the first place so it hardly even comes as a surprise.

There are tactfully designed gaming mechanisms in the player zone. Even the errors are taken care of through identification and tagging.

There are many different error codes that you might face while playing this game but in this article, we will discuss how to fix Fall Guys Error code 200_19002.

Also, what is the meaning of this specific error code, and what can cause this error so that you are not only capable of fixing it now but can also avoid such occurrences in the future?

What does error code 200_19002 mean in the game Fall Guys?

For the unversed, Fall Guys was recently listed as a free-to-play game and acquired by Epic games. 

The game was previously available on Steam games and many users downloaded it without any anticipation of the game takeover by Epic Games. 

Many users who purchased the game after the takeover are also facing this error but mainly the error is affecting the users who purchased or downloaded the game from the Steam era.

The error code 200_19002 shows up when the game has a problem with the launch. 

What are the reasons that actually are behind this error code? Let’s explore that in the next section.

Reasons For the Fall Guys error code 200_19002

As we have discussed above, the major stakes in this issue are attributed to the takeover of the game from Steam to Epic Games.

The game is also now on a free-to-play basis on Epic games while the Steam players made purchases in the past.

There can be some more problems though that can make the error show up on the gameplay even when you started playing this on Epic games.

Let us make a list of the issues so that it is easy for you to go through the potential causes and look for a fix accordingly.

  • Steam Games is not launching when you try to play Fall Guys
  • The latest update on the game is missed
  • The game files are damaged
  • The game is glitching

These are some of the reasons with which you can explain the error code 200_19002. Now let’s discuss them in detail and see what can be done in order to get rid of the error.

How To Fix Fall Guys error code 200_19002?

We have mentioned some reasons in the list above that can be attributed to the error code showing up on the screen when you are trying to launch the Fall Guys game.

Mostly, this error can always be traced back to only one source and that is the takeover of the game by Epic Games.

This error first appeared when the takeover was finished and there was an ambiguity between the players who already had the paid version on Steam and the ones who could access the game on the Epic Games platform for free. There were a lot of software changes that were not properly brushed out to get the best results.

Let’s discuss in detail what you can do in order to get rid of the error code and get back into the game if the game refuses to launch and shows error code 200_19002 instead.

Fix 1: Grant administrator privileges to Steam Games

Usually, the game that you are playing will already ask for this permission before the launch but when you cannot even reach the launch screen, it can be attributed to the fact that the game software is confused about what protocol it should launch.

As discussed earlier, the game was handled by Steam games before and now the reins are in the hands of Epic Games.

Many users who still have the Steam Games version may not be able to launch the game with the earlier protocol in place where they follow the Steam Games guide. In this case, Steam games will not provide background support for the launch of the game, and the game is originally not downloaded from Epic games so it cannot follow the Epic Games code either.

In this case, what you can do is grant administrator privileges to Steam Games. 

Here is how you can do so in easy steps avoiding any chances of confusion.

  • Launch the Start Menu
  • In the Search bar, type Steam
  • When you see the option for the application, right-click on the option Steam.
  • From the options available, select Run as Administrator.
  • You can now try to launch the game to see if the error code disappears.

This is the solution that has worked wonders for many other players worldwide and is quite a popular solution suggested frequently in the Fall Guys communities online.

If this does not help we do have other options in the kitty.

Fix 2: Download the missing update

Depending on what parent company you are using for the launch of the game Fall Guys, you will have to look for the update of that particular parent application.

It is very important to download the updates as soon as they become available because when you delay an update, you are also delaying the software receiving the solutions for newly found glitches in the system and also protecting against the new viruses in the market.

When the updates are missed, the game remains in the older version while it is regularly connecting to the internet to face the glitches as well as the new malicious software. It is like getting into the warzone without armor for protection.

Make sure that you check for updates on Steam or Epic Games. If you check and see that a new version is available, update the system and then relaunch the game.

If this solves the issues, do not forget to turn on auto-updates so that this problem does not present in the future.

Fix 3: The game files are damaged

When the games undergo such massive changes in the parent software that is handling them, there can sometimes be damage to the game files downloaded on the system.

Many players have reported that when they analyzed the problem that was plaguing their gameplay this was one of the most common reasons that popped up.

The game sure is played online but the basic software that is needed to feed the game information to the hardware that you are using resides in the game files on the system.

When you launch the game, these locally downloaded files communicate with the online game server to get back in the game where you left it last.

Due to the takeover of the game that we have discussed, the game software sometimes gets confused about what server to contact but no contact will be established in the first place if the game files are damaged. 

This means that the core information on the game has been compromised.

In this case, you can either attempt to repair the damaged files by accessing the settings, or you should delete the game entirely and download it from the new parent company that is Epic Games if you were playing on Steam earlier.

Fix 4: The game is glitching

Sometimes, there is nothing you can do because the glitch in the game goes too far and nothing can be done to save the progress that you have made in the game so far.

The game is glitching without any other solid evidence for a lot of people after the takeover was initiated.

The game in such cases should be uninstalled and then reinstalled to get rid of broken software and get access to a fresh version of the game which is also free as a cherry on the cake.

Fix 5: The game server is down

Sometimes, the error can be attributed to the game server being busy due to many players trying to connect to the gameplay at once.

This has nothing to do with the game files that are stored on your device locally. 

The server is already having problems in regards to the confusing mesh of messy takeover that has not been completely sorted yet in terms of game hosting and reliability.

Since Steam no longer hosts the game, you can have problem connecting to the server frequently as the maintenance on the server for this game is now understandably slow.

In these cases, you can just raise a support request and wait for the server to get back on its feet before you can play the game.


The takeover of the game Fall guys by Epic Games has been a messy situation for the players who did not see this coming.

The error code 200_19002 signals that the game is not ready to launch. Why this could happen is listed in detail in the article above. We have also taken care to include the solutions that have helped people in real life.

We hope that this content was as helpful as we wanted it to be. Keep following for more technical updates and advice.

Happy Gaming!!

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