How To Fix For Honor Error Code 7-00000005?

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If you are getting the error code 7-00000005 while playing For Honor then this means that there are some issues that are causing problems while connecting to the Ubisoft servers. If you have this error then there are high chances that the servers are down. In case servers are working properly then you need to troubleshoot your connection to get rid of the error.

The error says,
“The For Honor servers are unreachable at this time. Please try again later.” error code [7-00000005]

Fixes For For Honor Error Code 7-00000005

Fix 1: Check The Server Status

The first thing you need to do is to check if the servers are running normally. To check the server status follow the below given steps.

  • Visit the Ubisoft help section and check if there is any update about some issue with Ubisoft or For Honor.
  • On the Ubisoft help section, scroll down a little further and choose For Honor to check the server status of the game.

Fix 2: Give Your Device a Fresh Start

If there is no ongoing issue with the Ubisoft or For Honor servers then we will advise you to give your device a fresh start by restating it. To do so follow the steps given below.

  • Power off the device on which you are playing the For Honor.
  • Then disconnect the device from the power source.
  • Then power off your router and disconnect it from the power source.
  • Then wait for around 5 minutes.
  • Then power on the device and the internet.
  • Then launch the For Honor and check if the error continues.

Fix 3: Perform An Internet Speed Test

Go to any internet speed test website and check if your internet is having a strong connection, if not then contact your ISP. But in case your internet is having a strong connection but the error persists then try using a wired internet connection.

Fix 4: Check For The Update

If the error continues then you should check if there is a pending update for the game or your system. If yes then you can consider updating the game and then check if the error continues.

Fix 5: Check If You Have Enabled VPN Or Proxy Service

One user in the Steam community has mentioned that for him the issue was the ProxyCap, as he uninstalled the ProxyCap the problem gets resolved. So we will advise you to check if you have mistakenly enabled the VPN or proxy on your device which might be causing this error.

For Honor Error Code 7-00000005

Fix 6: Try Some Other Workarounds

If you still get the error then we will advise you to try other general troubleshooting given by Ubisoft but if they also fail to resolve the issue then you should get in touch with the Ubisoft support team for further help.

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