How To Fix Foxtel Error Code pe1001?

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  • As per our research, users may get the Foxtel error code pe1001 with any of these two following error messages.
    • We’re having trouble connecting to our server. Please try again.
    • A technical error has occurred. Please try again.

As per the official information shared by Foxtel, error code pe1001 mainly comes with the Foxtel app on the Samsung Smart TV but during our research, we have encountered several users who reported having this issue even though they were not using a Samsung Smart TV. This indicates that this error can occur despite what device users are using.

Based on the users’ complaints we also have found that this error mainly occurs while streaming Live TV.

Foxtel Error Code pe1001

Fixes For Foxtel Error Code pe1001

Our research indicates that this error mainly comes because of some temporary issues with the device, network, and app, or the Foxtel system is having some problems. Below we have shared some workarounds that may help you with this error, we will suggest you to try these workarounds in the same given order.

  • Try closing the Foxtel app or website, then disconnect and reconnect your device to the internet. Then relaunch the Foxtel app/website and check if the error still comes.
  • If you still get the error then shut down your device along with the internet, and make sure to disconnect them from the power source. Then you need to wait for around five to seven minutes, then restart your device and internet. Now check if the error gets resolved or not.
  • Next, check if you have any pending updates for your device firmware and the Foxtel app. You need to simply check updates for the Foxtel app and your device firmware one by one, and if you find any pending updates then consider installing them.
  • If everything is up to date but the error still continues then this may be the Foxtel servers that are causing this error, so we will advise you to check the Foxtel server status. To check the Foxtel server status you can refer to this official guide, here you can find all the information related to the Foxtel server status. If the Foxtel system is down because of some problem then you should wait for a few hours and try again.
  • In case there are no system-wide issues then you should consider contacting Foxtel support.

FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

What Does The Foxtel Error Code pe1001 Say?

Foxtel error code pe1001 says “We’re having trouble connecting to our server. Please try again.” Sometimes it can also say “A technical error has occurred. Please try again.”

When Does The Foxtel Error Code pe1001 Occur?

Foxtel error code pe1001 mainly occurs while watching live TV.

What Happens Because Of The Foxtel Error Code pe1001?

Foxtel error code pe1001 may stop the users from watching live TV and other content.

What Are The Troubleshooting Steps To Fix Foxtel Error Code pe1001?

To fix Foxtel error code pe1001 users should try restarting the Foxtel app, restarting their device and network, checking updates for the device firmware and Foxtel app, checking Foxtel server status, and contacting Foxtel support.

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