How To Fix Google Gift Cards “Redeem Code Country Error”?

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If you are trying to redeem the Google Gift Card but have the Country error code then in this article we are going to address this error and will share possible workaround to get rid of this error.

This error mainly occurs when you purchase a Google Gift card from another country but try to redeem the gift card from an account that belongs to another country.

The error says “Code country doesn’t match your account country

If you are having this error then below we are going to share all the details along with the possible workarounds.

Note: In case if anyone or any website claims to help you by calling them directly then please don’t contact them as it is a clear-cut fraud and you will lose your card.

Google Gift Cards "Redeem Code Country Error"

How To Fix Google Gift Cards “Redeem Code Country Error”?

Actually, you are having this error because Google Gift cards can only be redeemed from the country where it was purchased. If your account country doesn’t match with the country from the country you have purchased the gift card then you are likely to get this error as it’s not allowed.

Also, keep in mind that Google is not going to refund or exchange this card. And in case you try to change your account country to just redeem that card then it’s possible that Google may lock your account and ask you to provide the address proof. And in case you fail to verify your address then your account will permanently get deleted for violating the Terms of Service.

And if your account gets deleted then you will lose everything associated with your account such as Gmail, drive, photos, games, apps, movies, music, and unspent credits. So the first thing you need to do is avoid making changes to your account address.

Can You Use A VPN Service To Bypass This Error?

Many online websites claim that you can bypass this error by simply using a VPN but we are not sure and we will not advise you to do this from our end. We are telling you this because the error is coming because your account location doesn’t match the country from where the Gift Card has been purchased.

And using a VPN will only make changes to your device location, a VPN will not have any impact on the country from where your account is linked to. That’s why we think that it’s not possible to resolve this error by simply using a VPN.

All we can suggest is to sell your Gift Card to someone who belongs to the country from which the Gift Card has been purchased.

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